Sunday, October 19, 2014

1st letter from the MTC! handwritten

Dear Family,

We're supposed to write a letter home tonight to let you know we're alive! Time flew by so fast tonight because we had to unpack and check out the bathrooms and and find a drinking fountain that actually works and fun stuff like that.  So basically I don't have much time so this letter will be kind of scattered!  Before I forget, can you please email Timo my MTC address? Before Monday.  My P-Day is Wednesday I guess (I'm not actually positive on that) but send people my address! I am already craving letters from y'all.

So, holy smokes guys, the MTC is... just an awesome place with ordinary kids in it, who are all nervous and say really stupid things sometimes and make lots of embarrassing mistakes. For example, we were doing our first group role playing type thing and an elder said, "Do you talk to your family much?" And "Lawanna" says, "Everyone but my sister. She's passed away." And the Elder says, "Oh, do you talk to your sister much?" Hahaha.  The lady acted super offended and said, "No. That'd be creepy cuz she's dead."  He was so embarrassed. He gave me confidence :). Because I soon realized that everyone here are just people (and it seems like almost everyone is a new-bee like us), I haven't been nervous one bit.  My companion and I were some of the only people who didn't raise our hands in the first devotional when they asked, "Who's nervous?" My comp seems awesome! At least from what I can tell so far. I have already learned so much from her and our working together! Her name is Sister Terra Collette and she's a whole foot taller than me! Haha It's actually kind of weird for me trying to talk to her with her head all the way up there. She lives in Murray and has 7 siblings too and she's already graduated...from college. She's 23! It's surprisingly not weird for me. So obviously I plan to set her up with Ammon in 18 months. I like the other girls we're with a lot! We're all really young and short :). A few random things: I could TOTES get away with never showering here! But, don't worry Amanda, I won't :). Also, I haven't had diarrhea once so far and I totally ate the dinner! (Tell Sis. Pew she can go ahead and send me those donuts then if she wants :))

People say that time in the MTC goes by slowly or that they weren't happy until the third day, but my goodness, I've been in absolute heaven the entire time.  The only time it's felt dragging along was at night cuz we didn't know what to do with our free time. Another random thing...I've figured out ways to have a bit of alone time without breaking any rules :).  I'll tell you how it goes. So, yes family, I'm safe and have a bed (top bunk and everything woot woot!). I don't think it's sunk in yet that I'm not going to see your beautiful faces (well at least MOST of your faces are beautiful:)) for 18 months. But I love you guys!

Sister Hallsted

P.S. I feel about my nametag like how I feel about my garments. I absolutely ADORE my beautiful nametag!

PPS. It's morning now and it's so nice having so much extra time while the girls get ready bc I don't have to get ready!

PPPS. Post this letter on my blog if you want!

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