Monday, November 10, 2014

Bennington Vermont #2 - "Make Time for God, Maggie."

Dear Family,
I want to thank everyone for the packages that you sent me while I was in the MTC. I've lost track of the people I thanked so I want to do a big thank you to you guys, Sister Pew & Gwen, Sister Oborn, the Youngs, Manda and the mystery person (maybe Nana) who sent me Pumpkin bread :) I was SO spoiled in the MTC.

So... I'm gonna be bad at writing these letters because... there's just too much. But for right now I'll just introduce you to some people that I've met that I love so much! It really is so amazing how fast you can fall in love with these people you hardly know!

Brother Behunin: First person I met and first person I loved. He had a greeny dinner for me my very first night! Literally everything was green. He even painted his fingernails green. Haha So I liked him right off the bat. SO so nice to have that when I was feeling like I was gonna cry because I had just lost Sister Collette. We have FHE with them every Wednesday night and dinner. He also takes us to breakfast every p-day. So nice! I guess he's like the father to all Sister missionaries.

Charlann: Oh. My. Gosh. Charlann is like Cassandra from The Enchantress of Crumbledown I've decided. She's our most solid investigator and if she can quit smoking by the 20th, she can get baptized December 20th! I want that so badly for her! I'm sure you're not supposed to choose favorite investigators, but ooooh she is my favorite. Is it so weird to love somebody so much that things are like cute to me now?! I love her long silver hair. Charlann provided the quote in the subject line and I so wish I could have you guys hear her voice. She loves loves loves Jesus. We actually have a lot in common with the ways our testimonies first started to grow. Hers is all founded on her love for God and she will burst into prayer at the most random times and be like "Father! I'm getting stressed!" I love it because I do the same thing... just not out loud during a conversation with people :)

Jessica: She's a recent convert with three of the craziest boys I've met in my entire life. Like, the first time I met them, we got a text from her saying "The boys are excited to break in the new sister." Sister Gass told me I should be worried and when we walked in they were all armed with nerf guns and pillows and it hasn't stopped since. It is a constant battle and I feel for Jessica because of the extremely rough life she has lived. I hated that. 

Chad, Mary Beth & Michko: Jess said this quote because on fast Sunday, our investigator Chad bore his testimony. MB is his almost (hopefully soon!) wife and Michko is their daughter. So cute. We just had a super successful lesson with them yesterday about temples! Like, they both feel this extremely strong desire to work towards going to the temple that may just get them to baptism. Super cool to see them suddenly progress so fast just because they can both feel that power from just hearing about temples in church. They have this pittbull, Angel, that literally attacks me (with love) every time I come over and no one knows why. I hate it but I love them.

Zubin: Nothing's actually happened with him but I so hope and pray because this is the first person I gave a Book of Mormon to! I was so awkward but I loved it!!! This is how it went... Sunday night was freezing, it was almost time to go home and I had been trying to give my book to someone but no one was around because it was super cold. Me and Sister Gass said a prayer that someone would show up. A few people did! But they just ran inside a restaurant from their cars. But as we're walking up main street once again... I see someone and I ditch Sister Gass and say "That's the one!". He looked like a boy my age. He passes me, we say "hello" then (I'm SO awkward) I say "Um... excuse me... Could you just wait a second?" He stopped and was so nice and says "Sure!" I pull out my Book of Mormon from my poofy jacket and say "I know it's super cold & you probably want to get inside but, you see, we're missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints... Mormons?" He's like "Oh yeah! The people who believe in having 9 wives!" ha ha he No. Then I asked him if I could talk to him for a sec cuz "you see, I'm trying to give away this book." Haha. I'm getting better at this part :) He was thrilled and said "Oh! I'll take your book!" and he went to grab it but I held it away so I could talk to him about it first. It was just AMAZING because before I started talking to him, I was trying to practice what I would say and I could not do it. But it suddenly came so naturally that I felt like I wasn't even the one speaking to Zubin anymore. I think Heavenly Father was so nice and practically handed me that boy to give me courage to continue to open my mouth!

Jackson: We are SO blessed! Sister Gass says this thing happens to missionaries all the time but it's never happened to me yet so I can be freaking out excited as much as I want! This man... is hard to explain. He basically just walked up, said he has been watching us and knows he needs to meet with us while he's still in town. He's... extremely hard to follow just by talking to him, but all we know is that he is very VERY excited to meet with us, but he's rescheduled twice. Ugh. I think he's kind of having a crisis in his life right now and is kind of just traveling around looking for a job. He's so excited that we actually are kind of worried. Haha As we were texting, we said we're excited to meet with him. He replies "No. no. I can promise you that I am more excited than you are." You are?? He says he has a ton of questions so we better be ready. He calls us sweethearts and has shared a ton of my facebook photos. Even photos of my mtc sisters so we're just really confused about him. He says he's excited to talk to someone who knows "the Truth". We'll meet with him tomorrow (hopefully) and we'll see what happens! But it was awesome to have someone just walk up and force his contact info upon us. If only that was everyday :)

So many more people, but no time! I LOVE the people of Bennington too much.

Random things:
-We had the Palmyra temple President speak to us yesterday in church! So cool! He came to our Gospel Principles class. I like teaching it!
-A drunk man stopped us, mixed Jesus's name and the F-word in the same sentence a few times, demanded to know our first names (we made up names), he kissed our hands and left. Super weird. Haha!
-We had a district meeting on Wednesday and ahhhhhhhhhhh. Sister Collette is in my District!!! I feel like this is Heavenly Father's way of showing me how much He loves to see me happy :) And that I should be happy more often. I love her SO much.
-We had a District activity today and played volleyball. I was so dreading it but it turned out to be fun! Everyone was so nice to me and tried to help me out a lot without making me feel like an idiot :) 

Well, of course there's much much more and of course I've been on the computer way over time and of course I sure love all of you and would sure love to get hand written letters from you all! I am SO grateful for everything you guys have done for me and I'm especially feeling so grateful for all the many ways I've felt blessed as a missionary. I know that the gospel is the only way to return back to Heavenly Father and I know that's what He wants more for us than anything else!
I sure love you all :)
Sister Brynnie Hallsted

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