Monday, November 17, 2014

Bennington VT #3 T-Swift and the BOM

Dearest Family,
One month down!!! This week was absolutely amazing. We had an awesome District meeting, exchanges, I gave a talk (woot woot), hit my ONE MONTH MARK, it snowed.. twice, Charalnn quits smoking today (AH) and me and Sister Gass are getting closer each day! One of my greatest accomplishments as a missionary so far is that I've made Sister Gass cry laughing so hard twice. Sis Collette would pee, Sis Gass cries so I supposed my next companion will barf or something. The point is... our companionship unity is getting much better and I'm starting to lead out in more of our lessons!
In case you're one of my missionary buds who don't get on Facebook, the subject line comes from that man Jackson. Jackson is what makes me say this week was amazing though.
We met at Dunkin Donuts finally and found out some about him. This is kind of what I wrote in our record book about him: He's 36 and single. He's in Bennington because he wants to start a screen printing shop, but his favorite book was written at Bennington college and this girl he met just barely goes there. He knows he came to Bennington so randomly for a reason and he knows he was led to meet us. He's absolutely obsessed with Taylor Swift. It is freaking hilarious to me. He says "All I have to do is mention Taylor Swift and Sister H over here gets all red in the cheeks and starts giggling." Everyone's started calling me Sister H cuz I guess Hallsted's just too hard.

People keep giving her a hard time cuz she's like lives on a farm in Southern Utah and she talks like it too! Everyone keeps pointing out her accent this week and I make fun of her SO badly because of it. I love it though! It cracks me up and I think it's cute cuz it fits her somehow.

Having Sister Thao with us for 3 days was SO fun. She came out with me (wasn't in my district though) but she's hilarious. We loved having her and it was good to have her here cuz it made us grateful for each other. She came for a super stellar three days though so she is convinced that we should be Sister Training Leaders. She is hilarious!

Sister Thao made us even more excited about Jackson because I guess her area is absolutely dead. I guess we worked her half to death. Because we're all noobs we think Jackson is the greatest thing ever. After another lesson (where he gave us a plethora of free t-shirts he made- ahhh), we asked him how his reading is coming along in the Book of Mormon. The three of us are all sitting around the cell phone with our mouths wide open cuz he replies "page 221". WHAT?!
He is now almost done and, please, stalk him on facebook, because you can see that he has glued Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence in the covers of the Book of Mormon because we said he could personalize it and mark it up if he wanted. Hahaha! We didn't necessarily mean like that but whatever. He's already becoming a missionary too! He's in Baltimore right now getting his stuff to move back here and he says he's talked to people on the bus, train, everywhere and told them about why he loves the Book of Mormon so much. What the heck!! It's awesome.

Charlann is quitting smoking today!!! We're going over to hide her cigarette maker machine thing right after this. Should be awesome. She wants everyone to pray for her :) We went over all the baptismal interview questions with her and she passed! Except for the smoking of course. But I know she can do it.
So, before Sacrament meeting started yesterday, I was telling Charlann that I was nervous to give my talk. She would have none of that! Haha She told me to look right at her and to just think about Jesus the entire time because He's the only one who really matters who will be listening. Then she thought we should say a prayer. So she puts her forehead to mine, holds my hands and prays out loud. I loooove her :) It helped a lot.
I have never given a talk so well in my life!!! I wasn't nervous when I got up there and I totally looked up and everything. First time ever. Everyone loved it and it got people actually interested to know me. Our dinner list is now basically full so hopefully we can leave good impressions when we come over to all these people's houses and they will help us out with our missionary work! When I sat down from my talk the 1st counselor in our branch (most intimidating man on earth) wrote me a note on his program "Now that is a TALK! Very GENUINE and WELL done!!" Gosh. That right there may have boosted my confidence level more than... something because he scares the crap out of me because I don't know if I can be as amazing of a missionary as he wants me to be. But now I have a little more confidence that I can do it. A stake high council guy spoke after me and he was just bawling from my talk. Super cool. I guess someone with the last name of Hallsted changed his life but I didn't get to talk to him after cuz he left so fast! It was amazing though. Watch, it'll be dad again :)

Mary Beth and Chad didn't come to church cuz they got really sick, but we went over last night anyways and their pitbull, Angel, fell asleep on me again and left nasty drool all over my skirt. I hate all the animals here. But Sister Gass thinks it's hilarious how they all love me for some reason.

Since it's getting colder and rainy a lot, we are slipping and sliding all over the place! Sister Thao almost biffed it and Sister Gass has fallen twice. Super funny.

Guys. There's no way I can tell you everything I want to tell you. Thank you all so much for the support through letters and Facebook. I love it and I wish I could comment back! Sure love all of you. I'll try to figure out how to send those pictures... I'll post more on Facebook tomorrow!

Sister Brynnie Hallsted

1. Got to exchange back and see Sister Collette on our 1 month anniversary!
2. We got ice cream at Stewarts to celebrate.

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