Monday, November 24, 2014

Bennington VT #4 You're wearing a shirt!?

I've got like no time left to write so you'll all be happy to know that this won't be such an obnoxiously long letter this week :)

-Elder Katcher came to Utica! woot woot. He's the guy who gave the talk about the riptide (?) He is amazing. We had a fireside on Tuesday night and Zone Conference with him on Wednesday. We didn't get tons of lessons in this week because we're so far away from everyone that it takes us over an hour to get anywhere. I wanted to give you all lots of amazing notes from the conference but I don't have time today so maybe next week!

We had to leave by 5;30 to even get to there on time, but we had a way fun drive.
When we got there, I looked at the program and my name was at the bottom under interviews. I didn't really know what that meant at first but I guess they just chose two random sisters out of the two zones to have an interview with Elder Katcher and it was me and Sister Thao! SO amazing. The whole conference was wonderful but that was the best part. He basically read my soul in that interview. I'm trying to decide if I want to write it on here because it was really sacred to me..

-Friday morning was maybe the roughest part of the whole Vermont experience because Sister Gass has been feeling sick. I'm maybe the least sympathetic person in the world so this was hard for me. She wanted to change into sweats and a t-shirt and go over to Jessica's to do "service" and clean her house. We go to do her dishes.

-Friday night however made up for all of it! We had the Bennington Branch Thanksgiving dinner! SO fun! It was super stressful for Sis. Gass to get everyone there but I knew it'd all work out. I drew this ridiculous little flyer and we went around during the week and invited our people to it and almost all of them came! It felt like me and Sister Gass were getting married and this dinner was our reception :) We just ran around the whole time talking to people, meeting less actives, eating tons of food and introducing our investigators to members. Maybe the greatest night of my mission.

That quote comes from one of the more awkward things I said this week. We have a RCLA named John who never ever ever wears a shirt. Him and his wife can't make any promises about coming to church because he has this tube sticking out of his heart that makes things hard for him (duh), but they could promise they were coming to this dinner. Haha Whatever. So, when I see him, I'm like "John! You're wearing a shirt?! I've never seen you wear a shirt before!" and it was just super awkward for everyone.

Another stupid thing I said that night: Mary Beth actually came to the dinner even though she said she'd probably not make it! She works in home health care (everyone does here) and the old lady had to go to the hospital so MB could come! So when I'm saying goodbye to Chad & MB, I'm like "Well, I'm really glad that old lady had to go to the hospital so you could come tonight!" I regretted those words right after they came out of my mouth. MB was laughing so hard, so... I guess that was good!

This shouldn't be what I'm going to use my time to write about in my "short" email this week cuz it's not that important... just hilarious. So, maybe the most hilarious thing about the whole night was when Brother B walks into the church after having picked up a Less Active Mary Lou. I go to shake his hand and he says "Sorry, I gotta go wash this. I've got dead cat all over me." Oh no. Mary Lou has the worlds nastiest most hideoderous cat with fur missing. She had had it for 17 years and would pray for it all the time. So, I guess when Brother B showed up to get her, she was bawling. Her cat was dead on the couch but she wasn't sure if it was dead yet. Bro B said it was stiff as a board. She told me all about how she played songs on her guitar and sang as her cat screeched out in pain for a few hours. But she thinks they relaxed him eventually cuz he stopped! (he died.) It should be sad but it's just hilarious to think of the hours she spent singing to that dead cat.
He would still be there.. dead on the couch if we hadn't invited her to this dinner. Nobody ever goes to Mary Lou's house except us every so often so it's just amazing how Heavenly Father is looking out for everyone! There was no better time to kill off that cat than that day.
Bro. B put it in his car and we're totally gonna bury it and have a funeral on Thanksgiving cuz she's coming to the Behunin's with us. That'll be hilarious! I'm thinking of writing a speech :)

Anyways, I'll be nice now.

Charlann totally stopped smoking!!! She's absolutely perfect, guys. She's so so excited for her baptism and invites everyone she meets.

Jackson is still out of town in New Jersey but he's still amazing. He shares the Book of Mormon with everyone and calls us to talk to us about how it so applies to his life. We're speechless after every conversation cuz he teaches us.
He called me and talked to me for like 15 minutes before church yesterday and told me about how the police totally beat the crap out of him. I was crying laughing so hard!!! He was on his way to the midnight showing of Mocking Jay and the police wanted to inspect his van. He said Heck no, I'm gonna be late to see J-Law on the big screen and then he had 6 cop cars following him. They pulled him out of his van when he got to the theater and threw him on the ground and handcuffed him. SO funny to picture that. They took him to the police station and then realized he'd done nothing wrong and he got let go. He still has pepper spray under his fingernails. He's hilarious.

-Everytime we take a picture on main street, a miracle happens. We were taking dumb pictures last night and an Asian man ran to us, told us he wants to meet up with us, gave us his number, got ours and left. Super weird but so cool! We're gonna take more pictures :)

I'm so sorry for the ridiculous email, but this week was kind of ridiculous. Now we get to go drive 4.5 hours to UTICA for Return and Report! SO excited to see my MTC sisters again.

I love you ALL. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving even if you don't get to bury a dead cat like I do :)
Love, Sister Brynnie Hallsted

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