Monday, December 8, 2014

Bennington VT #6 Sista Money

Dearest Family,
First I want to say Happy Birthday to Dad and Derek! You're both getting so old ;)
Basically, this has been the craziest week yet! It was a super rollarcoaster-y week.
The title's once again from Michiko (Chad and MB's 5 year old). She started calling me that this week. It's like my new rapper name... my only rapper name ever ;)
So, I'll just spoil the fun and start with the craziest news first!
We got transfer calls on Saturday afternoon, during Charlann's lesson. We didn't answer of course but we told her what they were calling for and she just broke down crying (well, she does that every lesson, but this was worse than usual). Sister Gass reassured her that she's most likely not going to get transferred because President practically told her she wouldn't. Well... I knew she was leaving. We had just gone to the church that morning for Charlann's baptismal interview. She passed! She was SO nervous. She wanted to know everything about our District Leader who would be giving her the interview and she kept saying "Oh my... he sounds tough." We finally convinced her that he's just a 19 year old boy and was going to be nice to her :) After the interview, we did our Facebook time and I read my letter from President Wirthlin. I was shocked when he had written me and practically told me Sister Gass was getting transferred. I didn't say anything about it. But I tried to somehow prepare her for it... we got the call and she was absolutely shocked. They said I will be getting a sister who has only two transfers left. Sister Gochner?? Sister Gass will be going to Fayetteville. The complete opposite side of the mission. I just broke down crying when I heard that because I didn't completely believe it was true. She cried too and has been crying a bit since which has made things super hard. I hate watching her be so sad. I almost wish I was leaving Bennington so she wouldn't have to be so incredibly sad, but I know this will be good for Bennington.

The Zone Leaders called to tell us where everyone else was going, who the new leaders are in the mission and such. They told me Sister Collette is leaving so I cried even harder. They told me Sister Thao left too so I cried some more. Then they read the list of new STLs. The second one they said was "Hallsted" and just kept reading down the list. Me and S. Gass looked at each other and said "Wait, what? Did you say 'Hallsted'?" They were so surprised that President Wirthlin didn't ever call me or anything. Haha! Suddenly, I was totally fine. No more crying. I don't know why, but that gave me a lot of strength and excitement thinking about how much I'm going to grow and learn this next transfer! But it's kind of a bummer that Sister Collette and Thao are gone now!!! It would've been too fun.

Somehow we went through all of church with out Charlann hearing. That was honestly a miracle and we prayed that would happen. We didn't want her to have a break down there and then. But we told her at the end of our lesson that night, she cried, but not nearly as much as we thought! She said she knew. She could tell even before the call came. She took it extremely well and was comforted by the thought that the next sister will probably know how to plan a baptism :)

We've been street contacting lots with the He is the Gift cards. The first day we got them, I shared them with like 5 people before S. Gass told me I should probably get their contact info when I talk to them. Haha! I didn't realize that would be smart, but I was wondering why on earth she didn't tell me that at the beginning! But whatever, I really love it! Street contacting and knocking on doors is just the funniest, most awkward thing ever. Especially if I'm doing it. But I really loooove it! I never thought I'd like doing that but it helps make things a little more fun to have these super awkward moments with strangers. People here are funny because they'll look at us through the front door window and then just walk away and pretend they're not home. Hahaha We had one lady get really mad at us and it was scary because that was the first time I've been rejected yet. A few people have given us their numbers and said they'll call us back when they're not busy though (S. Gass says that means they won't ever call which is what it probably does mean). A few people have made up totally phony numbers on the spot which I think is funny because you can totally tell. But we're still trying to share them with everyone!

Jackson is still somewhere not in Bennington but calls and texts us all the time. He just has to quit smoking and then he's set with the Word of Wisdom. I didn't know he had to go to church 4 times before he's baptized, but Sister Gass remembered that Saturday night so we quickly texted him and he went their in Baltimore! He says quitting smoking will be easy because he has no money to buy some anyways!

Basically, I am okay right now, I am mostly worried a lot about Sister Gass. I'm just trying to focus on having a good time and trying to learn all that I can in these next few days! I'm planning on changing up a few things with this new companion and dropping a few people that haven't been progressing but have been being taught for over a year. We'll see how things go and if I die of too much stress or something. I am thrilled that I get to sleep over in the mission home and go to a transfer meeting AGAIN! I'm hoping some of my friends will be there!
I love you all and am getting soooo excited for Christmas and especially to see my new niece!!!!!!
Sure love you guys,
Sister (Money) Hallsted :)

1. Sister Collette made this for me last District meeting! haha Love her!
2. Our district photo that they said I couldn't put on Facebook :) I made everyone wear these table decorations on their heads.

unnamed 2.jpg

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