Monday, March 30, 2015

Bennington, VT #21 "Merry Christmas"

Hey Mom!

This was the weirdest week ever. I'm ready for a long nap :) We had exchanges this week. Blessed Sister North. I couldn't love her any more than I do right now. It was so nice being on exchanges and talking with her. She's having quite the rough time right now... she's on crutches because she biffed it on the ice. It's hilarious to me, but obviously not to her. Exchanges are a totally inspired thing. It's so good to get someone from the outside to see what's going on in your area. So, people are just too comfortable with me here. It feels nice to basically be worshiped, but this week I've really been humbled and I remember that my purpose isn't to be the most loved missionary in the Bennington branch.

Good news. Brianna's baptismal date is set now for April 11th so i could be there! I'm excited. It sounds weird but we're going on another exchange. Things have been weird and it's very inspired. I'm going to Glens Falls again with Sister North and her comp is helping Sister Rasheed in Bennington. I have to leave Bennington this transfer, I know it. So this is kind of test run to see if Sister Rasheed could take over the area. President said to prepare the area to basically be whitewashed. I'm a little nervous for Bennington, but the Lord knows what He's doing.

I have learned a lot this week about how the Spirit may warn you far before your head does. I am trying my best to be better each day. Something that's helped me a lot lately is something I heard President say once. To make every day better than the last. I didn't quite think it was possible when I heard Presdient Wirthlin say it, but I thought I'd give it a shot this transfer. So I make a conscious effort each day to make today better than yesterday. Even though things are still really hard some days, I realized that it really is better than yesterday! Because I've learned something new, or I am stronger. Each day is getting better and better and that thought alone is encouraging. Everyone, thank you so much for being patient with me as I try, with the Lord's help, to be a better missionary. I think Sister Rasheed is warming up to me a little bit as she sees my efforts. I'm learning what helps her to have fun!


Sister Hallsted

ps. Just a reminder that I can't chat with you over facebook (*cough* Aunt Kambi) :) Stop tempting me!!!

Language Study!

Me and Michiko

Yes, Sister North went out teaching like this :) I love her.

I love Charlann's porch!

Smores at Behunins

Cuddling with Sister North

We're Beautiful

Less Active that I love

Me and Mags :) Forgot to say that she asked if she could set a date to be baptized again. May 19th. on Charlann's birthday :)

Party in the hospital with Mags

Snowing still! Sister Rasheed refuses now to take pictures with me because she thinks I only post the ugly ones on FB of her on purposes.... #anotherthingthatdrivemebonkers #ugh!!!


Me with Chad, Marybeth and Michiko

Me and Leah's bro Isaiah

I big time broke this thing and it was letting all our hot air out. Sister Rasheed helped. We got a hilarious video you can see when i get home haha

Danielle and Brianna (the one's who's getting baptized)

The Cross family are moving to Timo's mission

Our Apartment in Bennington!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Bennington, VT #21 "Winter's Back!"


It snowed again. Bah! It was in the 40s last week and I was freaking out! But now it's back to snow on the ground. ugh. I really don't have much time this week because we're in Greenwich using the elder's library here because we're gonna go to Glens Falls (home of Jimmer) to play this game called Sodapong with our district! I'll send pictures!! This week was interesting! I realized I never said anything about Maggie in my last letter! I was so excited about everything else! I would have told you that she was doing great with the not smoking thing!! But... her dad called her and said they wouldn't talk to her again if she became a mormon. ugh! She's 40 years old!! So she was struggling with that. But, Monday night, was easily the scariest night of my entire life guys... So Maggie was at Charlann's and we were gonna come over and give Charlann a makeover and dye her hair (for her dad's memorial)! But when we got there, Mags said she was hearing demons inside her and wanted a blessing. We called our good friend Marvin. But Maggie started being weird. The "voices" were telling her to kill herself and she was out on the porch yelling at them and talking to herself. ah! I snuck out there and said "Maggie, Marvin's coming to give you a blessing. Do you still want him to come?" And she just started screaming and swearing at me! Obviously this all terrified Sister Rasheed. She was crying and we were hiding in the kitchen while Maggie ran around yelling at the demons. We told Marvin to hurry. She left and slammed the door so hard that it got stuck. So then we were stuck in and we thought she was holding onto the door! Haha! We finally got it open and Marvin came! He gave Sister Rasheed a blessing. I should've had one too because I was so scared all night. No one knew where Maggie was but she was watching the house. She kept calling Charlann and saying "Sister, help me!" Oh mylanta. I thought that was the end of us. Haha! Marvin followed our car home and we called the sisters cuz we were just terrified. Yep. So we only see her now with a member. And she says she blacked out that night and doesn't remember any of it. We saw her twice in the hospital this week, because she's psycho. But one of those days in the psych ward we had one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission. Since Maggie is suicidal, they put her in an empty room with just a bed so she can't hurt herself with anything. The acoustics are just wonderful in those psych wards! We had a lesson with Char there too, then sang a few hymns. Charlann asked me to sing Savior, Redeemer of my Soul. My favorite song. That psych ward was full of crazy, yelling, screaming people that made it distracting during our lesson. But when I started singing that song, they all stopped yelling. A few of them wandered over to her window to watch. Charlann was crying and I nearly was too. The Spirit was so so strong. It almost didn't feel real.

I now want to go volunteer to sing in the psych ward ;) Maggie's now in some home for people like that. It's all confusing. She still wants to get baptized and she's quit smoking, but she just needs to figure herself out a bit first...

We had stake conference this week!!! SO fun! The adult session was on Friday night and we went with Brother B and Sister Campbell-copp. Sister CC swore like 3 times along the way! Haha Says it's because she's british, it's allowed. She moved like 20 years ago. Love her. Guess who called me along the drive to Albany?? Jackson!!!!! The T-Swift lover!!! I have missed him so much! I couldn't really hear him and said I'd call him later, but he didn't answer yesterday. I nearly cried I was so happy to talk to him. At the Adult session, Elder Britton helped me fix my glasses with a cool little kit he has! I've been wearing the safety pin again and it just needed to go. I was so grateful!

We went with Marvin, Charlann and Brother Behunin to the Sunday session. Charlann kept snoring through out the whole thing. Haha! Love her. She wanted to stay awake so badly... she's just too old ;)
Brianna came to Stake Conference on Sunday! She really loved it and has been planning her baptism all on her own. She wants me to talk at it. I'd love to! The date still isn't set because she happens to have lots of things going on and really doesn't want to do it on a weekday, but wants to do it before the end of the transfer in case I leave. We'll see! 

I am so so grateful this week that I'm able to use my talents to help people on my mission. More and more missionaries are asking me to do drawings for them and I LOVE giving my finished copies to the people I teach here. I'll start posting them on FB someday. I think I forgot to say, but I have been given another opportunity to share my talents! Brother Carmack asked me after Dylan's baptism if I wanted to record a CD with him to give to people as a goodbye gift before I leave Bennington. Haha Everyone acts like I'm leaving for sure and they're making me really sad! They have plans to protest ;) I don't think it will be next transfer. I think Sister Rasheed is leaving, but we will see! She's so so anxious to get out of here because she thinks these problems are just in Vermont. I think it would be good for her to see that it's everywhere in the NYUM. And I couldn't love this weird mission filled with these weird people any more :)

I love you all and I'm so very grateful for your prayers! THis transfer has so not been easy, but I've learned tons!


Sister Mrs. Hallsten (Tye Johnson kept calling me that this week haha)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Bennington, VT #20 “BEA{UTICA}FUL!”

Dearest Family,

Today I couldn't be happier. I really couldn't. I haven't been able to sleep since Dylan's baptism because I'm too happy. Let me see if I can remember all that has happened…

It's amazing how the weeks with the hardest trials usually turn out to be the best weeks for me. It's all because those are the weeks are the ones that I learn so much! If I could only learn how to have that sort of attitude in the midst of my rough times...
Tuesday: We did Family History with Charlann! I couldn't love family history anymore.

Wednesday: We stopped by Jessica Johnson (Leah's -recent convert- mom) and had a super fun lesson with the kids! Khalil wasn't home and we still haven't started teaching him! But soon... Jessica caught me by surprise because she randomly said that her and Khalil were thinking about getting married so that Khalil could get baptized. I wish I would have said more to her about that! I was so shocked. We're gonna focus on that family a lot this transfer so they can become awesome kingdom builders! They have SO much potential.

Behunin dinner was amazing as usual. The Greenwich elders came and Dylan loved them even more than I thought he would!! Before we had our lesson and partied a bit, Sister Rasheed asked the elders to give her a blessing so she wouldn't be so scared of dogs and overcome the stench... and also so she could find a way to sleep through my sleep talking. We had a really really rough night for sleeping on Tuesday. Hahaha! Sister R told everyone at zone conference Thursday about it when she talked about all her trials here... I was talking, but also standing up and walked to the bathroom and then knelt on the floor and prayed aloud. Ha! I don't remember any of it, but Sister R said she was just crying the whole time. She says, "Sister, one day... you kill me!" She legitimately has that fear... that I'm going to murder her in my sleep. She wanted me to get a blessing that I would stop being so crazy in my sleep but I told her no. I love it :)

Thursday: The drive to and from Zone Conference was so funny because Sister R was telling the elders all about my "party driving". I got 4 aggressive drivings in my first week as designated driver!! We have a little black box we call TiWi that talks to us and tell us if we're going too fast or driving aggressively and such... if you get 3 in one transfer, the other person drives and you can't drive for the rest of your mission. Yikes! Sister R has never learned how to drive... this is my last transfer as the driver. I didn't know I was so bad! I called the mission office and begged for mercy. We're becoming good friends with those office couples these days... they're going to see what they can do :)

Zone Conference was the most amazing meeting ever. We walked in and were given an orange mtc sticker on our nametags and were welcomed to the MTC! We got new companions and had mtc teachers (stls and zone leaders). Lately, I've been wanting to figure out what was so different in the MTC and how I can get that back. In this training, we wrote down the things we gave up to come on our missions and then the reason why. I loooved that because it really reminded me WHY I'm out here in Vermont. I could go on forever, but basically the entire meeting was just for me. I also forgot to tell you that I was asked to sing in Zone Conference! We sang Called to Serve, but it was cool cuz it was me and the Zone Leaders singing english, two elders from the Russia mission sang, Sister R sang Urdu and one of the Greenwich elders is from Hong Kong! During the meeting, we got a text from our investigator Patricia saying that she doesn't want Sister Rasheed to come over again because she's not going to keep her dog on a leash the whole lesson. That text pretty much started what I hope will be the biggest mess of my whole mission. Basically, Sister R didn't understand and she bore her testimony at zone conf, like, about how we just got a text from our investigator saying she'll hold her dog back so she can come over. I felt so bad. I had decided after that to never explain to her what the text said, but eventually, she realized as I was trying to deal with this crazy lady over text.

Friday: This all continued into Friday. Charlann teaches us once a week and she prepared a lesson on how faith overcomes fear (for Sister R) and Sister R had a breakdown worse than ever. We made it through a lesson with Maggie then went to the apartment and I just exploded and told her we can't have anymore breakdowns during lessons and that it's getting ridiculous and she was mad at me cuz I was working her to death and only caring about having more lessons and wasn't caring about her. True. So we were both right and it all really turned out great! We're fine now (at least I am). It's really rough trying to talk out things when you literally can't understand each other, ya know? But we're now making it work!

Saturday: BAPTISM DAY!!!!!! Brother B could see how rough things were on Wednesday so he told Danielle Behunin to come with us all day long! SO fun! It helped me so so much to have someone to talk back with me. Danielle helped us set up the baptism. It gets less stressful every time! THIS BAPTISM WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE.... so far :) Dylan was so excited. His mom and aunt came and the Greenwich elders came with one of their investigators and tons of the branch came. During all the running around and taking pictures and things, Brother Carmack (first councilor and most intimidating person I've met here) took me aside. He told me to look at the wall with all the pictures of baptisms from the past few years... there's like 5 or 6. My first week in Bennington he took me and Sister Gass to that wall and told us to notice that the same sister was in three of those pictures. Now he had me notice that I was now that sister in three of the photos. That feeling was amazing. During the baptism, I looked over at Brianna (our 15 year old investigator) and when I saw her face, I knew she was going to be baptized. She came to us and President Finnegan and told us she wants to be baptized. As of right now the date is April 19th. She wants to be baptized before I leave. The baptism, dinner and movie was beyond perfect even with all the little hilarious accidents that I just don't have time to tell you about!

I am so so grateful to be a missionary!!! I don't think I could be any happier than I am right now. During these past few days I have come to love training as well. It's SO hard, but so much fun to learn and grow and make a bunch of mistakes. Thank you guys for all you have done for me! Love you all!

-Sister Hallsted

Monday, March 9, 2015

Bennington, VT #19 "Struggle Bus"


I accidentally titled this email "struggle butt" at first and was so tempted to leave it. But I'm trying so so hard to be "dignified" because I struggle... ya know. It seems God wants to really focus on something else this transfer. PATIENCE! Omylanta. Where to begin?

Sister Gochnour abandoned me. Our last day went a lot different than we had planned because Tuesday morning she started to feel sick. It got worse and worse and she had bad diarrhea and was throwing up. So she had to spend her last day proselyting... in the bathroom. She was SO sad :( I liked serving her for our last full day together though. I love her so freaking much. On our way to transfer meeting, we stopped at Brother Behunin's and she got a blessing. I've never seen the priesthood work so fast! It was amazing! She felt better almost instantly. I was actually feeling pretty good about training- like so excited. They have the trainers sit on one side of the chapel and the trainees on the other and everyone else sits in the back rows and watches you. When the trainees walked in... all of them was exactly the definition of the type of companion I didn't want to get (because I'm honestly a little racist) and I look at Sister G with wide eyes and she's over there laughing so hard, she's crying :) They assigned me with an even littler companion! She's from Pakistan. Sister Rasheed. And she can't speak hardly any English. She told me right away, because I was trying to talk to her and she wasn't responding. She's a temple square sister which means she's been there for a few months and now is being sent out into the real world for two transfers to see what a real mission is like!

Saying goodbye to Sister G and Elder Arbuckle was really sad! But, we got to see them more after our goodbyes!! So, Sister Rasheed's luggage got lost at the airport. We were told to just wait for it to come at the mission office. The Assistants turned me into a janitor and vacuum the church and get trash while Sister Rasheed passed out on the couch. I loved the alone time! We were told to go to the mission home to wait for her luggage to arrive. When it finally came, it was broken! All her clothes were plastered with bubble wrap stuff to the outside of her suitcase. We moved her clothes into a bag the Wirthlins gave us. During all this... I got to be with some of the departing missionaries!!! Elder Arbuckle came out and talked to us the whole time, but Sister Gochnour didn't know we were still there. Torturous. We're not supposed to know what they do before they leave for home, but I could hear the best two years and they were playing ping pong downstairs! Ah! Sister G saw me right before I left. They had us go stay with a Senior office couple because we're too far away to drive that night.
We left the next morning and more we got into our drive, the more I began to realize why the Lord put me with Sister Rasheed. So many parts of me that have been needing to change or grow will happen because I'm with her. Like, I need to learn to trust myself, to be patient (with myself and with others- her...), teaching more simply (she can't speak English), exact obedience when no one is watching (b/c I could do anything and she wouldn't realize it was wrong!), remaining focused (she doesn't relate to me on any level except missionary work... so there's absolutely nothing else we could talk about! haha). But that drive also showed me really how foreign she is. We made all our calls on the drive and she doesn't know how to use a phone! She kept accidentally calling random people, while trying to hold my gps on the freeway (her first time seeing a gps) (my first time driving since Oct). We just had the conversation of what "hang up!" means yesterday... I assumed she knew! Everyday is an adventure... (but I need to work on my attitude about it).

After the first day, we've found a few problems. She hates animals. She's absolutely terrified of them (like tears and tears during our lessons). I guess they don't have inside animals in Pakistan. Also, she hates the smell of the houses. I love these people so much that I even love this bad smell now! I didn't realize how much she hated it until we saw one of my favorite old ladies, Lida, and Sister Rasheed started crying and saying she's going to "throw out". Throw up I realized later. I was so confused because I didn't think it smelled that bad. Poor Lida, we just said a prayer and left. When we got back to the car, she said she needed to call President. So we called, she said she needed a new area and told him why. He's sooo stinking cute and he tells her that every area in this mission smells bad and has cats and dogs! Haha! She just bursts into tears... I felt kind of bad cuz I was cracking up. He asked her if she would give it another chance and not give up on the first day. She's made this far! I think she'll be fine :)

I'm trying to write down all the hilarious things she does, but there's so many! Another big issue she has with this place is that I sleep talk! Hahaha! She was so freaked out the first night. We had to go buy her some earplugs :) She said I say "soo cute" too much... even in my sleep! She's so funny. She dated a missionary in Pakistan (while he was on his mission) so we're going to have a chat that elders are not boyfriends. She's in love with every one we've met so far. Me and Brother B are having wayyy too much fun with this! And I actually really love having to define things for her, but reading the white handbook in the morning took us a hundred years. She wants us all to go to Pakistan to see her wedding!

Update on Maggie's baptism: You all saw the Facebook post about her quitting smoking tomorrow! She already did! But I'm worried that she wants to quit smoking more than she wants to be baptized now... just because Charlann did. I don't know. We're working on it.

DYLAN'S BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond excited!!! So, the Greenwich elders (district leader) have been invited to come to Wednesday night dinner at the Behunin's for Dylan's baptism interview! I was totally praying for elders to come to our area this transfer to be a good influence on Dylan somehow... this works! They also told us they're planning on coming to the baptism and they're bringing investigators. This is going to be the party baptism of the century!!! Dylan's getting baptized at 5, a branch dinner at 6, and a movie (Meet the Mormons) at 7! You all wish you were there. The whole program for the baptism is amazing too. We're trying to get as many of our people there as possible. I am so SO grateful to be the sister who finally gets to see Dylan Behunin get baptized. It's been 8 years of missionaries and he finally is able to! I've never had such a strong testimony of fasting and prayer... and exact obediance! I am beyond excited!

Thanks for all of your support in every way, especially through facebook this week! I sure love you all!

Love, Sister Brynnie Hallsted

Friday, March 6, 2015

Bennington, VT Goodbye Sister G - Hello Sister Rasheed

Email Conversation with Brynn and Mom

Oh that's so sad....

I start crying when I think about her  You will not believe my new comp hahaha

She is from Pakistan and cannot speak ANY english.

  • As we drove home and she was talking, I could tell exactly why Heavenly Father put me with her. I have some HILARIOUS stories already.
  • She arrived on Wednesday and things got crazy and I actually got to hang out with the departing missionaries at the mission home Everyone's SO jealous. Haha But I would just cry everytime I saw Sister G again. Sister Rasheed (new comp) is a temple square sister and all her luggage was lost and broken.
  • We slept over in Utica and everything.
  • They send temple square sisters for two transfers out into us missions so they can have that experience.
  • She doesn't know how to work the computer so we're having a real struggle bus moment again. She doesn't know how to use a phone and has never seen a gps Driving was difficult!
  • I could take over everything, but we spent 20 mins of our comp study showing her how to send a text for our scripture of the day She has to learn it sometime.
  • It's a little rough not having anyone to talk to... because she can't understand what I'm saying!
  • I think I'm gonna ask president to alter some rules so we can actually get stuff done and morning program won't take a thousand hours! This was the last thing I expected! Haha! But it really isn't bad
  • She changes how long she's been out everytime someone asks her. I don't think she knows the difference between transfers and months. I think 6 months
  • She got her stuff back. She lost a few things, but most was still in her bag... just her bag was wrapped up in bubble wrap. Have the flights been really bad? Sister Gochnour isn't coming home until 9 tonight.
  • You should add my comp on FB. Her name is Sister-Sheree Rasheed. She has no FB friends but is getting so excited as people add her
  • She has a twin sister serving in Mesa and she's mutual friends with Nanette Brinton!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Bennington, VT #18 "RIP Sister G"

Dearest Family,
This may be a shorter letter because we have so much to do lately!
So, Tuesday was amazing this week because we just pounded Bennington and had nine lessons, one new investigator (who has 5 awesome kids woot woot) and set Maggie (Charlann's friend) on date to be baptized! She has to quit smoking by March 10th to be baptized on April 11th so pray for her!! It seems like it's gonna be harder than Charlann's was.. I am a firm believer that if we work super hard on Tuesday, then the rest of the week will be set!
Wednesday we had our "black dinner" with the Behunins. Basically... a funeral for Sister G cuz she's "dying" as a missionary :) Pretty depressing actually, but we had a ton of fun!!! I laughed harder that night than I think I ever have in my entire life. Brother B did something super weird and hilarious during the game we played and Dylan, Danielle and Marvin were all crying laughing at one point. So fun to see Dylan and Marvin showing so much emotion :)
Thursday we had District meeting (don't know why it was moved) but it was sad having everyone say goodbye to Sister G and Elder Arbuckle. The brownies we made for the ZLs this time said "Bye Now!" in frosting because the people here say that instead of just "bye" and because it's Elder Arbuckle's last brownies from the Bennington sisters. I felt very grateful that I get to be with Sister Gochnour for a few more days than everyone else!
We then blitzed Glens Falls (/Hudson Falls)!!! SO SO good! We tried to change so many little habits they had fallen into and it was awesome. Sister North is really amazing because she is so teachable. She knows things are struggling big time there, but she has a huge desire to change it, she just didn't know how. Now she knows how! I am obsessed with miracles, so that was basically the whole focus of the exchange. To show them that miracles can happen in Hudson Falls and lots of miracles did!! We found a lot of people there who are ready and it just showed those sisters that there are more people out there that the Lord wants THEM to go find! It was also really fun even though I was so sick the entire time. Sister Snowplow. I tried so hard to plow through the blitz, but that morning, I was like dying and so sweet Sister Gochnour, like, took care of me while the other sisters played basketball with the elders. I felt so bad! I love Sister G so much. I can't even remember most of that morning, but I remember Sister G was so happy to give me pills and find more toilet paper to blow my nose and walked around saying how much she loves feeling like a mom. Haha!
Friday, we drove home around 2, finally go to see the Hickeys that day!!!!! (we've seen them a few times but they're easily the busiest family in America and are never home because of sports) but it went well! We had dinner with the Murphy's that night. We found out he's the one who told the stake pres. and Pres. Wirtlhlin that I am amazing. I was still so sick, so it was rough, but okay! That night though........ I came out of the bathroom and was like, "Ha! I'm not training! President never called us!!" Sister G told me he could still call in the morning. Right then, we got a call from the mission home. AHHHH. I love President Wirthlin. He asked me if I could be a trainer next transfer. I told him I could. He said I was being released as a STL. (thank heavens) He hung up and Sister G's all excited and so proud and I was just saying "I'm so scared!" over and over again. But I was also really excited right after that. During all of my mixed emotions since that call, I keep remembering how excited I was that whole night and how I felt so ready. We waited for a bit to see if the Hudson Falls sisters would call us. They're out of control! Haha They called us screaming. Sister Kastigar's moving as we all thought and Sister North's gonna be a STL for Toga!!! I'm so happy about that! It will be perfect for her. And we'll get to exchange again :)
Saturday, we cleaned Charlann's house up again!!! SO fun! We moved on to the family room. Danielle was there again. Dylan had basketball so he couldn't come. It was fun having my bud Maggie there too! We drove to the Brownlee's and when we went out teaching Less actives they chose, I told them I know the way to our usual meeting spot. I really do know it, but halfway there I thought we were lost... Ugh. We got way lost after we tried following the gps and Sister G was kind of mad at me and it made me really discouraged to be training next transfer. Are we going to get lost in these forests and die?? Probably. But Sister G's awesome and tried comforting me.
Sunday, was crazy. We sang in church and Brother Behunin played the guitar! He was sooo nervous. I was nervous for him, but he survived and my throat healed itself just for our song and then I was back to being sick! We sang Come Thou Fount. Everyone expected me to be amazing so that was scary. The rumors that have been going around our branch about my singing are ridiculous. People will say "I heard you were on American Idol!" or "I hear you play in a band back home." Who is spreading these things... I don't know but I assume it's Brother Behunin :) Then everyone got up and bore their testimonies and talked about how amazing we are. Haha! It was just fine :) The Finnegan's son just got home from his mission so there were tons of Scottish accented people there! So cool! At the last second, we got asked to teach Gospel Doctrine which is basically teaching everyone who goes to sacrament meeting. yikes. But we did fine! That made me nervous to be a trainer too. We had a linger longer/ break the fast. A family that has never had us over before randomly invited us over for dinner that night. It was so fun. They're one of the wealthiest people in our branch. it's become so weird for me to be in a normal house after living in Bennington for four months.
Today has been super fun, but also sad. Sister Gochnour didn't have to say goodbye to Brother B at breakfast because he helped us move Maggie from Charlann's house to her new apartment! I loved it for some reason! But, when Sister G had to say goodbye to Brother Behunin... it was really sad and kind of awkward for me. 
Brother Behunin is obviously my best friend here and he's really been helping me tons with my silly worrying about becoming a trainer. He told me yesterday that out of all the sisters he's had over each week for these past 20 years, I have been most prepared to be a missionary. He could tell I would be a leader from that first night in the field when we had my green dinner. I act so suspicious, like I don't quite believe him, when he tells me that, but every word of it is huge to me. There's so much going on here in Bennington and I am worried that the new sister will have such a hard time adjusting that it will hinder the work in some way (silly silly). I also worry that because I didn't struggle with what new sisters usually struggle with, that I won't be able to relate at all and I won't be able to help her with anything more than missionary stuff. Lots of worrying. I need to learn to trust her even before she gets here. We're praying for her now all the time. Pray for me too! :)
I sure love you guys so much! Seriously, thank you for all of your help. I have the best friends and family supporting me by prayers and examples.
Sister Brynnie Hallsted

1. Our district photo.... We had to act like gangsters in honor of Elder Arbuckle leaving.