Monday, February 2, 2015

Bennington, VT #14 "Snowed In"


First off, I had a small meltdown during comp study this week because I felt so bad for saying the a-word in my email this week... so I apologize :) So our p-day has actually been moved to tomorrow (nope- we just got a call from the District leader saying that district meeting is pushed to tomorrow because of the dumb snow... no more p-day) because of the snow!! I want to beat up all snow everywhere... It is insane here right now. Today is the third day they've cancelled school in the past week. We're not allowed to drive in the snow (or even if there's snow on the ground, but that's just silly), but Sister Gochnour really wanted to email so, yeah, we risked our lives to get here. It's really taken a toll on the work though... everyone's just going crazy.
I could end the email there because nothing really happened this week that I want to say, but we all know I'm going to say that and then write an obnoxiously long email still :)

It has been really hard for me to zoom out and refocus this week... maybe because these people's problems seem bigger than even eternity.. I know they're not. They're just so hard for me to handle for some reason. I don't feel like a missionary, I feel like a family member. I love that about little Bennington. I wish I had more power to help my family here...

So, with all the storms that have hit us, it's easy to stay inside and find things to do. It has caused my good ol' anxiety to come back that I would feel at home when I wasn't busy all the time and I hate it. It is SUCH a pain to walk in the snow for miles. Takes us forever. I'm very grateful for my big boots though. We made a mini version of my blessings list from home! We're trying to be more positive :) I think it was Sister Pew who gave me a little paper to put on my wall that says "Interrupt anxiety with gratitude". SO needed and it SO works!

We didn't get to have that baptism this Saturday for Jacen and Sean because their dad wouldn't ever sign for them. He is completely abusive and it's really hard to not be able to do anything except support their mom and strengthen her testimony.

Leah is getting baptized on Valentines day (maybe actually Sunday now). She's adorable and we're really trying to get her to get excited for her future as a member. We're having the YW sing with us at her baptism :)

So, Dylan Behunin had called us and said he was done with his catholic classes by the end of February!!! We were freaking out so excited!!! We love him so SO much and would Brother B says that out of all the sisters, we're the ones that deserve to be here for it. And then, on Sunday, Dylan talked to his mom... she said she doesn't care if he's done with the classes. He doesn't get confirmed until April 26th and he can't be baptized until he's confirmed catholic :( I was so so so sad. But, as always, Brother Behunin made it a little better and said to not give up hope. He's fasting every other day for him. He's crazy!! I'm fasting Horchata every other day since i've gone through about a liter a day ;) Nah, but I will fast weekly. But I need to have more faith...

I absolutely adore being a missionary. This week I've been a little amazed at how simple and beautiful missionary life is. Thank you all for all you do for me! I so appreciate all of your prayers for me!
Sister Brynnie Hallsted

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