Monday, February 9, 2015

Bennington, VT #15 "#stayactive"

Dearest Family!
So, at MLC (mission leadership conference) this week, President Wirthlin was being adorable. He was teasing our Saratoga Zone Leader, Elder Arbuckle, like crazy. He made him a ginorrrmous pancake and piled on eggs and sausage for breakfast and had everyone come to our table and cheer "Do it, do it, do it!" while he video taped it. President Wirthlin always keeps a straight face so you can never tell when he's joking around. Then, after MLC, he came up to Elder Arbuckle, stared at him and said, "Stay active." It was hilarious because this elder's kind of a punk :) Now every text the Zone Leaders send say #stayactive at the end. I LOVE President Wirthlin. I'm going to be so sad when he leaves. I asked him if I could go on the temple trip with Sister Gochnour this week... he said no :) I tried. We've moved exchanges to next week because of the snow. That means we're going to be gone from Monday to Saturday. Poor Bennington. Charlann's gonna die when she hears because she can't go "sisterless" for a day. Haha
This week was really so good! SO much better. Thank you thank you thank you all for your prayers. I have been having a really rough time honestly and I was scared I was stuck that way forever. But I got unstuck and am now happy again. All it took was a week full of Charlann, Behunins, MLC, the Behunins again and a lot of positive thoughts instead of negative :)

The MLC drive was pretty fun. It was just us and the zone leaders so it was kind of awkward. We do this thing called MLC drive topics and the best one was "When is Brynn Hallsted going to go dredhead?" Hahaha! My hair is sooo nasty here and people all the time tell me it looks like dreds... thank you guys. Me, Elder Arbuckle and Amanda (I said you'd do it, Manda) are gonna get dreds together April 2016. Party. Brother Behunin called us and I talked to him on the phone for like 15 minutes when we stopped to get dinner. He's just my best friend ever. Best part of my day.

I met so many new missionaries at MLC that I loved!!! It was weird to not be like the youngest one there this time. The actual conference part of it was kind of a struggle this time for some reason. We stopped for dinner with some elders at this nasty-sauce diner. There was this Elder who just came from the Russian mission last week and the first thing he said when he saw me was that I should get dreds. Yesss.

Best part of the whole week was Saturday!!! Danielle Behunin came with us all day long. We went to one of our investigators Brianna's basketball game (it was funny cuz I wasn't wearing my glasses so I couldn't see if she was playing the whole time), then got pizza, then cleaned Charlann's kitchen! oh my gosh, guys. You will NOT believe how disgusting it was. The best thing we found was a used thing of toilet paper with a wishbone stuck to it! Danielle has pictures that I'll send next week. She was dying laughing the whole time! I was doing dishes for two hours because I actually like doing dishes! Cat food everywhere. Charlann was so happy, she was crying. I enjoyed it because I love her to death. We have before and after pics! We finished that amazing day with randomly eating dinner at Chili's with Brother B, Dylan and Danielle. AHHH. SO fun. I went home and just was crying because I love them so so much (I'm so emotional now).

This week has been so much better than the past two weeks have been. Being more positive about all of this snow has done me wonders. Even though the snow was just as awful, we were positive and worked hard. We also moved exchanges to next week because of the snow!
We had kind of a cool experience this week while preparing for our part of zone training meeting. We made a slideshow at one of our investigators houses, Chad and Marybeth. We have slides of pictures of Christ and the words to the song Savior, Redeemer of my Soul. My favorite song ever. We played the song and showed them the slideshow after it was done and they both had tears in their eyes. The Spirit was SO strong, guys! We then read from the Book of Mormon and it was just a really powerful lesson.

After MLC, Sister Gochnour and I decided to read the Book of Mormon by the end of her mission. It has been SO amazing already! I had kind of forgotten how it felt to be reading the Book of Mormon so constantly, quickly and simply like I used to. It has helped me to be even more full of gratitude towards Heavenly Father. I don't know how my life would be without that book. I absolutely love the power that it has to pull me back onto this line with Heavenly Father and bring me so much closer to Him, which is really all that I want these days. Heavenward.
I surrre love all you guys so much and am SO thankful for the prayers I have felt from you all. Much needed. Thank you!
Sister Brynnie Hallsted

"Sister H, your ears are falling out of your head!" -Michiko
"You're going to have to marry someone with a really high energy level." -Brother Behunin (he thinks I'm exhausting :)
"Stay Active." -President Wirthlin
"I want the world to end in a rapostasy... meet me at the mall!" -Elder Arbuckle
"Sisters, you can just round down to the nearest hundred." -Elder Kelly (as we all went around and told our weight at District Meeting haha)
"We went from prophets to Aunt Jean!" -Sister Campbell-Copp (in her british accent)
"And we pray for the poor guy that got bitten by the ground hog!" -Charlann
"Can't I see you for 2 more hours??... Well, I can see you for more than 2 hours in heaven." -Charlann

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