Monday, February 16, 2015

Bennington, VT #16 "Ginger"

Dearest Family,

I died my hair red again.... like 10 minutes ago. Some lady was needing to give a free haircut and color.. I didn't exactly realize that she was brand new and didn't know what she was doing! We're going to Utica tonight, I'm sleeping with the Utica sisters and then sleeping in the mission home with the departing missionaries. So I have to see President tonight with my flaming head of hair. Sweet.
Anyway, this was a good week! We more than survived Zone Training Meeting on Thursday and then we finished it off wonderfully with Leah's baptism on Sunday!!!

We don't have much time today, because we have to travel so much lately. I'm also sorry that I have been so bad at updating you guys on my investigators and such. Maybe next time!

Thursday we had ZTM and had to wake up suuuper early which was good cuz someone doorbell ditched us at 5:30 am. I was SO nervous the night before- I was shaking ridiculously and it hadn't even come yet! But, just as I knew would happen, the Spirit completely took over me and Sister G and the whole training. We had 3 people share their thoughts as we read the story of the Atonement from the bible and we were completely inspired to choose who we did. You saw on FB Sister Kastigar's poem about the Garden of Gethsemane. Amazing. And sweet little Elder Kelly sang a song. The last was the new elder from Russia (the one who said I should get dreads) and he was just amazing since he's a recent convert himself. We ended it with playing Savior, Redeemer of my Soul by that group that Scott Shattuck's in (can't remember the name right now) and played a slide show with the words and pics of Christ. Dude, it was amazing and I love that it wasn't amazing because of us at all. The whole training was fantastic. We ended the night going to the Behunin's. We had a super spiritual lesson and basically did our training with them and then took model/gangster pics forever :)

Valentine's day: I got more love than I did on Christmas! Thank you thank you thank you guys for the packages!! I have the greatest friends and family ever. We went around and heart attacked people's doors until the snow got so bad that we couldn't drive anymore. We were both just bursting with love! Everyone loved it. They sent out a text again saying we needed to be inside unless we had set appointments so we ended the night going out to eat with Jess because she was the only one of her friends not going to 50 Shades of Gray. CTR... We were so proud!

Leah's baptism was beyond incredible!!!! I wish I had more time to tell you! It was after church (Pres. Finnegan asked us if we could do it then) but still not a lot of people came- Church would have been cancelled if the baptism wasn't that day. I'm so glad no one crashed in the snow storm! We ran around preparing stuff instead of going to class and made Brother B teach our Gospel Principles lesson at the last second. He's the best :) We didn't clean out the font enough before we turned on the water so I had to roll up my leggings and walk around getting the spiders out. It was so fun!! The little girls in the branch were SO adorable. They treated Leah like she was getting married. When she put on the white dress, they were ecstatic. Seeing Leah get baptized was so special for me. It was how I imagine I would have felt if I was there for Gwen's baptism. She is just my best little buddy. I am SO glad I got to see her make that step. Seeing Brother B baptize her was so sweet too. He got so emotional after he said her name because he's somewhat raised her. All the Johnson kids have different dad's but don't get to see them much, so Brother B has kind of been their father. Our investigator Chad was crying and later said he had chills the whole time. Everything was perfect and so many of our investigators were able to come and feel the Spirit that was there. Maybe the greatest, sweetest day of my mission.

I am SO glad that President gave me permission to call home this week too. He is the sweetest and we had a wonderful interview. I was so worried about dad. It completely changed my week to actually hear what was going on! Our sweet sisters that we're over are all praying for dad. I love them :)

I am LOVING being a missionary these days! I am so So SO grateful to be sharing the feelings from the Spirit with my wonderful companion and the people of Bennington. They teach me so much every day.

Love, Sister Hallsted

1. Brother B always gives me a piece of dessert this big! and I always eat it all :)
2. Heart Attacking
3. Leah's baptism
4. At MLC. 


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