Monday, March 30, 2015

Bennington, VT #21 "Merry Christmas"

Hey Mom!

This was the weirdest week ever. I'm ready for a long nap :) We had exchanges this week. Blessed Sister North. I couldn't love her any more than I do right now. It was so nice being on exchanges and talking with her. She's having quite the rough time right now... she's on crutches because she biffed it on the ice. It's hilarious to me, but obviously not to her. Exchanges are a totally inspired thing. It's so good to get someone from the outside to see what's going on in your area. So, people are just too comfortable with me here. It feels nice to basically be worshiped, but this week I've really been humbled and I remember that my purpose isn't to be the most loved missionary in the Bennington branch.

Good news. Brianna's baptismal date is set now for April 11th so i could be there! I'm excited. It sounds weird but we're going on another exchange. Things have been weird and it's very inspired. I'm going to Glens Falls again with Sister North and her comp is helping Sister Rasheed in Bennington. I have to leave Bennington this transfer, I know it. So this is kind of test run to see if Sister Rasheed could take over the area. President said to prepare the area to basically be whitewashed. I'm a little nervous for Bennington, but the Lord knows what He's doing.

I have learned a lot this week about how the Spirit may warn you far before your head does. I am trying my best to be better each day. Something that's helped me a lot lately is something I heard President say once. To make every day better than the last. I didn't quite think it was possible when I heard Presdient Wirthlin say it, but I thought I'd give it a shot this transfer. So I make a conscious effort each day to make today better than yesterday. Even though things are still really hard some days, I realized that it really is better than yesterday! Because I've learned something new, or I am stronger. Each day is getting better and better and that thought alone is encouraging. Everyone, thank you so much for being patient with me as I try, with the Lord's help, to be a better missionary. I think Sister Rasheed is warming up to me a little bit as she sees my efforts. I'm learning what helps her to have fun!


Sister Hallsted

ps. Just a reminder that I can't chat with you over facebook (*cough* Aunt Kambi) :) Stop tempting me!!!

Language Study!

Me and Michiko

Yes, Sister North went out teaching like this :) I love her.

I love Charlann's porch!

Smores at Behunins

Cuddling with Sister North

We're Beautiful

Less Active that I love

Me and Mags :) Forgot to say that she asked if she could set a date to be baptized again. May 19th. on Charlann's birthday :)

Party in the hospital with Mags

Snowing still! Sister Rasheed refuses now to take pictures with me because she thinks I only post the ugly ones on FB of her on purposes.... #anotherthingthatdrivemebonkers #ugh!!!


Me with Chad, Marybeth and Michiko

Me and Leah's bro Isaiah

I big time broke this thing and it was letting all our hot air out. Sister Rasheed helped. We got a hilarious video you can see when i get home haha

Danielle and Brianna (the one's who's getting baptized)

The Cross family are moving to Timo's mission

Our Apartment in Bennington!

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