Monday, March 23, 2015

Bennington, VT #21 "Winter's Back!"


It snowed again. Bah! It was in the 40s last week and I was freaking out! But now it's back to snow on the ground. ugh. I really don't have much time this week because we're in Greenwich using the elder's library here because we're gonna go to Glens Falls (home of Jimmer) to play this game called Sodapong with our district! I'll send pictures!! This week was interesting! I realized I never said anything about Maggie in my last letter! I was so excited about everything else! I would have told you that she was doing great with the not smoking thing!! But... her dad called her and said they wouldn't talk to her again if she became a mormon. ugh! She's 40 years old!! So she was struggling with that. But, Monday night, was easily the scariest night of my entire life guys... So Maggie was at Charlann's and we were gonna come over and give Charlann a makeover and dye her hair (for her dad's memorial)! But when we got there, Mags said she was hearing demons inside her and wanted a blessing. We called our good friend Marvin. But Maggie started being weird. The "voices" were telling her to kill herself and she was out on the porch yelling at them and talking to herself. ah! I snuck out there and said "Maggie, Marvin's coming to give you a blessing. Do you still want him to come?" And she just started screaming and swearing at me! Obviously this all terrified Sister Rasheed. She was crying and we were hiding in the kitchen while Maggie ran around yelling at the demons. We told Marvin to hurry. She left and slammed the door so hard that it got stuck. So then we were stuck in and we thought she was holding onto the door! Haha! We finally got it open and Marvin came! He gave Sister Rasheed a blessing. I should've had one too because I was so scared all night. No one knew where Maggie was but she was watching the house. She kept calling Charlann and saying "Sister, help me!" Oh mylanta. I thought that was the end of us. Haha! Marvin followed our car home and we called the sisters cuz we were just terrified. Yep. So we only see her now with a member. And she says she blacked out that night and doesn't remember any of it. We saw her twice in the hospital this week, because she's psycho. But one of those days in the psych ward we had one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission. Since Maggie is suicidal, they put her in an empty room with just a bed so she can't hurt herself with anything. The acoustics are just wonderful in those psych wards! We had a lesson with Char there too, then sang a few hymns. Charlann asked me to sing Savior, Redeemer of my Soul. My favorite song. That psych ward was full of crazy, yelling, screaming people that made it distracting during our lesson. But when I started singing that song, they all stopped yelling. A few of them wandered over to her window to watch. Charlann was crying and I nearly was too. The Spirit was so so strong. It almost didn't feel real.

I now want to go volunteer to sing in the psych ward ;) Maggie's now in some home for people like that. It's all confusing. She still wants to get baptized and she's quit smoking, but she just needs to figure herself out a bit first...

We had stake conference this week!!! SO fun! The adult session was on Friday night and we went with Brother B and Sister Campbell-copp. Sister CC swore like 3 times along the way! Haha Says it's because she's british, it's allowed. She moved like 20 years ago. Love her. Guess who called me along the drive to Albany?? Jackson!!!!! The T-Swift lover!!! I have missed him so much! I couldn't really hear him and said I'd call him later, but he didn't answer yesterday. I nearly cried I was so happy to talk to him. At the Adult session, Elder Britton helped me fix my glasses with a cool little kit he has! I've been wearing the safety pin again and it just needed to go. I was so grateful!

We went with Marvin, Charlann and Brother Behunin to the Sunday session. Charlann kept snoring through out the whole thing. Haha! Love her. She wanted to stay awake so badly... she's just too old ;)
Brianna came to Stake Conference on Sunday! She really loved it and has been planning her baptism all on her own. She wants me to talk at it. I'd love to! The date still isn't set because she happens to have lots of things going on and really doesn't want to do it on a weekday, but wants to do it before the end of the transfer in case I leave. We'll see! 

I am so so grateful this week that I'm able to use my talents to help people on my mission. More and more missionaries are asking me to do drawings for them and I LOVE giving my finished copies to the people I teach here. I'll start posting them on FB someday. I think I forgot to say, but I have been given another opportunity to share my talents! Brother Carmack asked me after Dylan's baptism if I wanted to record a CD with him to give to people as a goodbye gift before I leave Bennington. Haha Everyone acts like I'm leaving for sure and they're making me really sad! They have plans to protest ;) I don't think it will be next transfer. I think Sister Rasheed is leaving, but we will see! She's so so anxious to get out of here because she thinks these problems are just in Vermont. I think it would be good for her to see that it's everywhere in the NYUM. And I couldn't love this weird mission filled with these weird people any more :)

I love you all and I'm so very grateful for your prayers! THis transfer has so not been easy, but I've learned tons!


Sister Mrs. Hallsten (Tye Johnson kept calling me that this week haha)

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