Friday, March 6, 2015

Bennington, VT Goodbye Sister G - Hello Sister Rasheed

Email Conversation with Brynn and Mom

Oh that's so sad....

I start crying when I think about her  You will not believe my new comp hahaha

She is from Pakistan and cannot speak ANY english.

  • As we drove home and she was talking, I could tell exactly why Heavenly Father put me with her. I have some HILARIOUS stories already.
  • She arrived on Wednesday and things got crazy and I actually got to hang out with the departing missionaries at the mission home Everyone's SO jealous. Haha But I would just cry everytime I saw Sister G again. Sister Rasheed (new comp) is a temple square sister and all her luggage was lost and broken.
  • We slept over in Utica and everything.
  • They send temple square sisters for two transfers out into us missions so they can have that experience.
  • She doesn't know how to work the computer so we're having a real struggle bus moment again. She doesn't know how to use a phone and has never seen a gps Driving was difficult!
  • I could take over everything, but we spent 20 mins of our comp study showing her how to send a text for our scripture of the day She has to learn it sometime.
  • It's a little rough not having anyone to talk to... because she can't understand what I'm saying!
  • I think I'm gonna ask president to alter some rules so we can actually get stuff done and morning program won't take a thousand hours! This was the last thing I expected! Haha! But it really isn't bad
  • She changes how long she's been out everytime someone asks her. I don't think she knows the difference between transfers and months. I think 6 months
  • She got her stuff back. She lost a few things, but most was still in her bag... just her bag was wrapped up in bubble wrap. Have the flights been really bad? Sister Gochnour isn't coming home until 9 tonight.
  • You should add my comp on FB. Her name is Sister-Sheree Rasheed. She has no FB friends but is getting so excited as people add her
  • She has a twin sister serving in Mesa and she's mutual friends with Nanette Brinton!!

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