Monday, April 13, 2015

Hudson Falls, NY #2 "May 9"

Dearest Family,

Things are SOOOO much better!

Things are going sooo great here in Hudson Falls! We have been seeing lots of miracles. We've picked up two new investigators this week and set one of them on date for May 9th! He is so prepared and it's really amazing because my testimony grows in every single lesson with him because I've been able to see how the gospel really makes sense to people who have never heard it before. We taught him the plan of salvation last night and he said it feels like he's heard this before, but not in this life. It was amazing how the Spirit tell people these things are really from God!

Also, it is so much fun to see Sister North so excited about missionary work :) We're having a party!!! This is the first new investigator she's had all transfer and the first person she's ever set on date. This will be her first baptism too! She felt like Hudson Falls was just a dead area, but it's amazing to be here as she's learning that miracles are possible in ANY area if you believe they can happen and show the Lord that you're willing to WORK for them. She hasn't been this happy in SO long!
We have an amazing relationship that is so balanced. We've always had lots of fun together, but since she helped me out with the mess in Bennington, we've developed this close, spiritual bond that motivates in all aspects of our companionship and missionary work. We're SO excited to see what other miracles the Lord works through us this transfer!!
Thank you for everything!


Sister Hallsted

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