Monday, April 6, 2015

Hudson Falls, NY #1 "ET Phone Home"


Things have been so strange. I got emergency transferred this week. I'm no longer in Bennington. I miss it terribly.

This ET was a shock, so I hardly got to say goodbye to anyone. This has probably been the most emotionally draining week of my lifetime. Along with the ET, I became a sister training leader again and went to mlc the night we transferred... I was a mess, but those stls helped me sooo much! 

I'll explain more in my letter to you. I'll try to send one today! :) My companion's no longer from Pakistan- she's now one of my best buds, Sister North, so I am feeling super blessed right now.

I'm not sure where I'm going after transfers next week, but we're assuming I'm gonna stay here in Hudson Falls, NY and that we'll remain stls.


Sister Hallsted

"I got one word for ya. Don't. Hate. God." -Michiko
"Call me when you make some cupcakes!" -Michiko's last words to me
"If you don't have fun, you miss life." -Pres. Wirthlin
"Thanks for letting me speak. Me and my cat will go now." -Bro. Plotts (classic stake conference talk in NY: brought a stuffed animal cat and set it on the pulpit)
"Heavenly Father. Bless my parents. Don't eat my baby. And Heavenly Father, amen." -Michiko's prayer
"Speak engilshhhh! --Her's still not speaking english." -Mickiko, while Sister Rasheed's trying to pray... hahaha
"I can't love my parents.. when I hate them." -Michiko
"Do God has a girlfriend?" -Michiko
"How can we keep you?? We'll start a new program. Adopt a missionary!" -Marybeth
"Is Santa a God??" -Tye Johnson
"But Holy Spirit, he say, Just chill... I am with you." -Sister Rasheed
"You know, Tiwi must be a girl... because she's crazy." -Elder Thompson
"I need to make it! It's a major world event!" -Marylou about Dylan's baptism
"Like how I know cats... God knows us." -Charlann
"The name is awkward... peep or poop?" -Sister Rasheed... she won't eat peeps cuz it's too close to poop
"She looking fiiiine. She looking fresh." -Sister Rasheed... finally becoming a gangster :)
"She got frocket lint in her mouth." -Elder Brittan
"No, I think her like fire cuz she's... hot! Hot like, 'you're hot baby'!" -Michiko
"What's your name?"-"Sister Hallsted"-"Sister Hot Stuff?"-"Yup :)" -Bro. Haye, super old man who can't hear.

Sister North on her crutches!

putting on her socks for her since she's... broken

us on exchanges

watching general conference at Emily and Waynes! Both recent converts that I knew from exchanges. SOOOOO fun! so strange having other missionaries around. Feels like an invasion....

GREATEST PICTURE EVER!!! I don't know how I caught this so perfectly, but it was definitely inspired. This is Marylou. The cat funeral lady. My first re-activiation. Her new cat had babies and I held one and everything!

straightening my hair during district meeting

she needs couch cuz she's... broken :) We also got to sit on a couch at MLC. We felt so fly! Sister Wirthlin got pics... I get them someday

Saying goodbye to the boys. Oh, they'll miss me so much (not).

Jessica White!

JACKSON!!!! Tender mercy! He happened to come all the way from Georgia to randomly see me. He still wants to get baptized and still doesn't smoke! woot woot

me and Maggie- sad faces

me and Michiko!!!!

me and Marybeth

I said goodbye to Charlann last of course. I just bawlllled :( She kissed me on the cheek. It was amazing. I adore her so much and still miss her each day.

Blessings List in Bennington

Signing the missionary sign

Phyllis sign from Bennington!!!

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