Monday, May 4, 2015

Hudson Falls #4 "Death By May Baskets"

Mi familia!

At the beginning of the week I was feeling soo bleh, but I am doing much better! I have such amazing family, friends and missionaries with me that have helped me lots this week. I seriously thank God everyday that he put me with some of my (now) best friends ever after all the rough-stuff in Bennington. It's so funny how much I was wanting last week to come closer to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. This week has really given me an opportunity to come closer to heaven!  {heavenward}  I am trying to completely trust Him through every situation. I really do know that He has a plan for me each day. Sister Pew once told me that and I've really learned that on my mission. I'm a little embarrassed about my lack of faith last week, but I have repented and really strengthened it a lot. I'm going to trust God more with everything!

This week we had a few little miracles!!! Every single day we're blessed with something from the Lord! So.. over the past.. all of April, we have been making May baskets for the Hudson Falls Library. We saw it as a great finding tool because they wanted them delivered to the elderly people that visit the library. Great way to talk with people! We serve there every Tuesday and Friday for an hour and a half. It's like a little Downton Abbey loaded with all my fav. books and adorable, classy old ladies so it's basically Brynn's heaven. Well, we got caught up in this May basket crap not realizing what torture it would put us through... so many paper cuts and cramps in our hands. I've been beyond dramatic about the whole thing. I wanted to burn all the May Baskets in America. We made about a hundred cuz they told us to just keep going! ... we ended up using, like, 15. Ugh. I said a prayer that all this "May basket crap" would pay off the way that we thought it would and IT DID!!!! Prayer works guys! It ALL paid off! We delievered them on Thursday. It took forevvver because people wanted to talk to us for so long about what we do :) Fine with us!!! We made so many friends (aka potential members)! Little did we know what would happen the next day. The library celebrated 100 years since it was built and they had a little festival thing. The Elders did some flag ceremony (we couldn't find any boy scouts that would haha they were mad at me for volunteering them) Sarah (librarian) gave a speech and then we had cake, lemonade and kids played games. The whole time, we all talked with all the people we met the day before! Those people LOVED us! People just started asking us over for dinner or to get ice cream or if we could come over and visit them! We were so excited. We got tons of people's numbers, saw a former investigator who asked if we could start teaching him again, and we got tons of potentials! We'll try to pick them all up this week! It was a complete miracle! I've never realized what a great finding tool service could be.

On Saturday we went to the Maple Festival that is held every year in our area. Us and the Elders went with a member and we had a booth set up about the church. It was such a good finding tool. There weren't very many people that seemed interested but we handed out a ton of mormon.orgcards and a couple Book of Mormons! So there are seeds planted!
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Also, this week was MLC. We left Thursday night and slept over. The meeting felt really long. It was weird looking around and seeing so many new people in leadership now. It's a super stellar group though which is perfect because we're preparing the mission for President Rogers to come. Seeing Sister Collette was AMAZING!!!! She said that I've changed a lot and I can feel it too!! I'm glad.

Also, we're exchanging with Sister Yancey and Rasheed today after our disctrict activity which is bowling. Sister Rasheed's never been before. Wowzer, it's gonna be interesting. They're having a super rough time in Bennington which obviously breaks my heart. I am SO grateful to Sister Yancey for taking that spot for me. Wow. She's coming to me in G.F.  I'm really thinking that after this exchange, things will be a thousand times better between them. Sometimes you just need to zoom out and refocus, by getting out of your situation for a bit, and I think that's one of the greatest benefits of exchanges. I'll let you know how it goes!
Also, Sister Gochnour is coming to visit on Wednesday with her family!!! Ahhh! Too excited! Love you all!
Sister Hallsted

SOOOOOO fun seeing Elder Broekhuijsen again!!! We were like best friends!
(He went to Lone Peak with Brynn)

Just a normal day for the GF missionaries ‪#‎Matching‬

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We found a Breton Lane so we had to take a picture for Breton!

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These are the Saratoga Leaders!!! Woot woot! 5-Elders Holt and Sanders, Sister Hallsted and I ‪#‎TogaZone‬

Inline image 5
You're not supossed to have the best zone cuz we're all "equal" but.... literally everyone agrees that Saratoga zone is the best.

Saw Sister Collette again!!!! ahhhhhhhhh!

Inline image 7
These are my favorite pictures ever. WE:RE SO CUTE!!! I couldn't love her any more.

Inline image 6
Matching outfits with Sister Wirthlin at MLC! I'm going to miss her so much.

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