Monday, May 11, 2015

Hudson Falls #5 "Some Sweaty Sisters"


So, the week before last was the very first full week that it didn't snow once! Success! Now... it's beyond humid and I know this is only the beginning. I LOVE IT!!! Sister North thinks I'm a psycho person because I'm loving this weather so much. I have a total afro and I've been barefoot more often than not this week. HEAVEN. I truly believe I've been placed in the most beautiful mission in the world. God knows me so well and I'm so grateful He's given me New England. That's pretty much all I want to write about, but I won't.

Monday, had our district activity... bowling. Obviously I sucked but I like playing with missionaries much more than anyone else. They're nicer. They have to be. Elder Sander said he'd give me a dollar if I made it past 20. Ha. Rude. But I got a dollar in the end! We exchanged with Bennington then and I missed Sister North a lot. I was with Sister Yancey here and we really saw a lot of miracles!! It was exciting. It always excites me to do something a little different than the missionaries before you did and try to change things up a bit. I did some of that while Sister North was away and people we never thought would be worth trying were interested! We picked up the main librarian lady- Sarah! She's beyond adorable. She's 23 and basically old-fashioned Brynn's twin. Missionaries have been trying to teach her for a year, but look what good just asking did!
Sister Yancey and I really connected which was so good for her. She's had a really really rough two transfers. I feel like I kind of inflicted this Sister Rasheed madness on her by switching spots, but through a lot of craziness this week, Sister Yancey is being moved to the Owego Zone and a sister named Sister Blade has come! So..... Bennington's being basically white-washed again. Sister Yancey tried to prepare things for the new sister but she said she basically just left a note that says 'Call Sister Hallsted in Hudson Falls'. So I'm still going to be basically over Bennington still it seems like. Sister Rasheed leaves in 2 weeks back to temple square so hopefully things will work out. Sister Blade seems great!! We're praying for her a lot. Bennington is obviously so precious to me and people still consider it my area so I hope it can be helped.

Btw, we did a mission wide fast last Sunday to find new investigators and our mission is being SO blessed!!! It's crazy!! We found 3 new awesome people this week and the sisters that we're over are seeing so many miracles as well as the elders in G.F. I love fasting!!!

Well, I've got to go, but I love you all SO much. Skyping was just a party and a half!! I am so so grateful to have the coolest, craziest family ever!


Sister Hallzy
(what Jackson calls me)

out on a walk on p day

We walk the most gorgeous path each morning and the elders are going to start joining us on Saturdays when the gym is closed. SO fun! I went barfoot of course.... I went barefoot a lot this week and I probably won't stop. It's great!! The elders thought they'd try it. E Kelly nearly died :)

Here's the good picture that was on the District Meeting program.

Sister North likes her naps

Inline image 1
Correlation meeting (where you meet with the ward mish leader). After it was over, I wanted a jacket cuz I was cold, but they only had baby ones in the church coat rack. Hahaha So E Britton and I tried on the baby jackets. It kind of hurt.

Mothers Day for the non-mothers 

Autistic boy who Sister North adores

There's gorgeous bright yellow/green blossoms all over the ground right now! So I got creative one day while we were getting some toilet paper from the elders and made this out of the blossoms. E Britton took this sweet picture! It was so fun!!

We're on the phone with Charlann! Ahhh! I think E Britton has a towell on his head cuz he was wiping the sweat off his face. I love being totally drenched in humidity everytime you step outside. 

We pooped in a baby toilet for the elders.... Hahah JK it is snickers bars!!


#ScripturePower - Our mission created a Facebook page and an event within the page for everyone to post a picture of the Book of Mormon with #scripturepower so that we can start to flood Facebook with the gospel! We will have a different # every month so we are hoping that all of the members will start using the # with us and help share the gospel!

TP from the elders because we ran out

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