Monday, May 18, 2015

Hudson Falls #6 "MIRACLES"

Every week with an exchange is a big growing week for me. I get somewhat nervous before exchanges though. Especially with really old sisters who are much much better missionaries and people than I am!
So, since Bennington had an ET, we now were told not to do a second exchange. So we did a swap! I went to Saratoga Springs with Sister Maxwell and Sister North stayed here with Sister Hansen. These sisters don't seem to like us very much so we were pretty nervous. But Sister Maxwell and I had a fun time and I got her to laugh a ton! That's how each exchange turns out so idk why I get nervous!! :)

So many miracles are happening with the fast! We picked up 3 new investigators last week and... FIVE this week!!!! 
The coolest EVER is a man named Jim. Oh. My. Gosh. So,this was all while I was on exchange in Saratoga. Sister Hansen and Sister North are tracting... knock on a door, this old lady named Shirley answers (adorable grandma) but she says she's gonna die a Catholic so, no thanks. But, they walk away, pick some flowers and this man in his 50s opens the door and says,"Ya know, her son reads the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price!" They're like WHAAA? Who is her son? It was him. They say, Well, are you a member? He says No, not yet!
AHHHH!!! He's getting baptized on June 27th.

Over our exchange we picked up three new investigators. It was amazing. Sometimes I'm a little shocked at the miracles that happen. Being a missionary is amazing. The Lord is preparing people everywhere!!!

Another crazy story from this week:
I am being absolutely eaten by mosquitos. and spiders I think. I have a huuuge bite on my calf that is cramping my muscle and I can barely walk. 

​It's beyond awful. I'm keeping ice on it. If it goes another day and keeps swelling, I'm going to cut it off. Ha, no. But I'm getting a blessing right when the elders get back from their exchange/temple trip. That's beside the point. As we were right about to go to bed, I look up at the ceiling and see thousands of bugs. No exaggeration. We were screaming and freaking out!!!

​No wonder I'm being eaten! We quickly took all of the blankets out our beds, threw our mattresses down the stairs (we have 3 floors in this house.. it's kind of ridiculous) and we took a video of us spraying bug spray on the bugs as they attacked us! Haha! It was so freaky! We haven't gone in there for over a day!

Sure love you all! Thanks for all your support and your prayers!!
Sister Hawtstuff

Dr. Braithwaite,
My companion saw the bite Saturday morning after going on a nature walk. I didn't realize it because I have so many other mosquito bites. It's on my right calf. The first day it started swelling like a normal bite. The second day it started to swell a lot more. The bite was red about an inch or two across, but there was a lighter pink ring around it about 3-4 inches wide. My muscle was aching and tight. It hurts to walk on it or straighten it and I can't drive. Now the swelling has gone down around the bite, but it has spread through out my whole leg, more in my ankle. It's still hurting and the bite is hot.
Thanks for your help!
-Sister Hallsted

Our number
First picture is the second day.
Second picture is today.
Sorry they're so blurry!

Mom, So, apparently I got bit by a tick. Everyone's scaring me into thinking I'm dying here. I can barely walk and I haven't been able to sleep hardly at all because of the pain. I got a blessing today. Just pray for me because I am so sick of it. I got antibiotics prescribed to me yesterday by the dr. and I'm taking them 2x a day for 2 weeks. If the first red ring goes beyond the circle it's at now, then I'm supposed to call him. It sounds like I've already got the signs of lime disease but it should be fine in 2 weeks!! Love you buye!

You can't see the rain but it's pouuuuring! I looove it!
                                        Inline image 2

Also, our district photo with the Zone Leaders.
                                        Inline image 3                   

On  exchanges, we went to a mini downton abbey in Saratoga!!!

Like, the presidential bath house. Something weird like that but it's super old.       

Mom!! We were in a lesson last night and this lady started talking about her 1950s wedding dress. I said to pull it out! She did and she said "It might fit you. Try it on!" ahhhhhh I died of happiness. It fit perfectly!! Totally worth getting home late ;)

We went thrift store shopping today and picked out outfits for everyone. SO fun! Of course I loved it.

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