Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hudson Falls #7 "TICKing Me Off"

Hi Family!!!

Wow. This week has been NUTZ. And it seems it is only going to get nutzier. But I am very proud of myself for having a positive attitude!!! Woot woot! There IS hope for me!

Monday... thrift store shopping. May have already told you that. Dinner was at Sister McCormick's who is my favorite lady in this area. She feeds us every Monday and we clean her house and paint and stuff for her. She used to be an EMT and she saw my leg and freaked me out!! She demanded I went to the hospital right away. I said no, it's not that bad, but I gave in and did call Sister Wirthlin. I love Sister Wirthlin. Sister North wants me to call Sister Wirthlin for pretty much every little thing that hurts on me, but this is the 2nd time I gave in. Good heavens I did!! Sister Wirthlin is always like you're fine... let me do more research and get back to you. She got back to us and was like It's not fine at all. The rest of the news is just all a blur!

Tuesday... the elders had us see all their awesome people while Elder Kelly went on his end of mission temple trip. We were so busy!  Super fun driving allll over the place like crazy people but sooo painful. I cannot even describe what it felt like. All through out Tuesday Sister Wirthlin and the "area doctor" Dr. Braithwaite was calling me tons trying to figure stuff out. I was just in a daze and somewhat dying so I can't even remember what was going on! In the end, I have a TICK BITE!!! Even better Lyme disease :) PARTY!!!! It's hilarious how crazy this has been. I am so sick of telling people about it. Literally every member that hears about it is like "As long as you don't get the bullseye ring you're fine." I ALREADY GOT THAT! Then they frreak out and freak me out even more. But the Dr. man prescribed me to some antibiotics that I take 2x a day for two weeks. If it still hurts at the end of the 2 weeks or if the first red ring gets bigger I have to call the Dr. man. So far so good! Yesterday was the first day that the pain went away!! I'm jumping ahead of myself.

Wednesday... Elders came home and gave me a blessing. Basically the blessing said I need to listen to Sister North, Sister Wirthlin and the Dr. man and the pain will go away. Haha We've established from this week that Sister North is ALWAYS right :) Love her. Wednesday night things got psycho again. Sister North had a migrane. Bishop gave her a blessing. But she wanted to go to the ER. So... after many more calls to Sister Wirthlin, we went! Da freak! I've never been to the ER! I didn't know what to do! Because I can't drive with my leg right now, a member had to drive us. Sweet Grandma Nicholson (I tried on her wedding dress). She stayed with us the whole time! Everything was fine after they gave her some drugs and we went home at like 1:30. I was able to make jokes the whole time in the ER and make things less freaky... her Dr. Black looked like a total pirate!! He became Dr. Blackbeard. Because of the pain in my leg, I haven't been able to sleep at all so I hardly slept that night. Ugh. Struggle bus. 

Thursday....We had to leave for ZTM at like 7.... we had permission not to go (we weren't giving a training at this one... good Gandhi, right?) but Sister N said she felt fine and could go. We looked like a train wreck!! ZTM was great. Really different but I like how they're starting to do roleplays. The leaders for the zone were just member presents/ observers and the Zone Leaders still made up ridiculous identities for us... they made me Elder Kelly's mom. Haha So weird. Because Sister N thinks her migrane was from the stress of not knowing if she's staying with me or not, Sister Wirthlin just told her.
Friday, President called and affirmed that. He said "I'm not gonna rock your world this transfer... you're staying together and you're staying Sister Training Leaders." I didn't really want to be an STL still.... cuz I just want to focus on our area. It's growing so much and needs so much love right now! I guess the Lord has a different plan though.

Saturday morning... TRANSFER CALLS. You wouldn't think we'd really care about these calls cuz we already knew. But E. Britton calls us that morning freaking out saying he feels like he's going to leave. Ridiculous cuz E. Kelly's leaving and that would mean two noobs would have to come in and take over. He hasn't been here very long and the members love him to death. We were meeting them at the church to practice our song for Sacrament meeting (I made them sing another musical # ha!) when we got transfer calls. We went to our car and they just watched from the window of the church. Elder Brook-house-en is the new Assistant. TOTALLY called it!!!! Every time he says something smart I say "That's my math tutor." The Zone Leaders gimme lots of crap about him and call me Sister Brook-house-en. Punks. So that's cool that he's the AP. But then they told us that Elder Britton's leaving. What?? Who's coming. No one. You're gonna cover both areas. WHAT?!?!?! We can barely cover our own and be stls! We flipped out for a few hours and it was so sad to see Elder Britton crying... 

But we have so much faith now that it's going to all work out!! He's going to Malone. I guess only 2 elders came into the mission and like 20 left so they closed lots of areas.

It's going to be a crrazy week for us!


Sister Hallsted

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