Monday, June 8, 2015

Hudson Falls #9 - Hot Dog!!!!

Dearest Family,

This week was pretty great! Still crazy but that's the life of a missionary :)
Everything was pretty normal... We have the J-Team still goin' strong.

Jim: Came to church again even though the chemo was nearly killing him. Ugh. I never ever want to have to go through that. I am shocked each treatment he goes through at how tough he is! He loooved church this time. Was acting super off just cuz of his pain and admitted he had to get home after the second hour. He was so distraught that we had to leave Friday for Utica (for mlc). But he says he's the King of Utica. Haha I just don't really know...

Jace: Uhhh... It's gotten MUCH better! He's still a little sketchy. But Brother Fredette's like the greatest member present ever and laid down the law with him, told him we're here to teach him and now... Jace let's us teach! We've uncovered some past major issues he's had that President Rogers will have to interview him to be baptized, but he's much better. Says he's not ready for church. Totes okay.

Josh: We didn't see the Rougies this week at their house, but we talked with Josh some over texting. He says he's super busy. MAybe this week.
Jackson: Punk. Always says to call him and have a lesson but never answers. Whatever!

Joe: Less active. Amazing. I said to him "They call me Sister Hawtstuff." He says "Well, I can see why!" Haha  He's a little crazy but I think he's close to coming back.

MLC was incredible. We got to have a barbecue in the Wirthlin's backyard. Party. And we got the opportuniy to watch Elder Perry's funeral broadcast! The other missionaries are so jealous. It was so awesome! I was so excited about it. Also, Elder Broekjihussiesihdo whatever his name is... is amazing. He's really wanting to change things up which is so what our mission needs! I'm excited!! It was sad that this was President Wirthlin's last MLC. Super weird. He started crying multiple times.

Thank you all for your prayers! I sure love you!!!
-Sister Hallstud

PS. I was asked to do the musical number again! But I'm doing a solo this time. I'm scared!! But it'll be fine. 4th musical number in a row. woot woot. Is there no one else??

They finally have started sending us the MLC pictures! Haha! Here you go! I'm like hidden in this one :) This is the Wirthlin's backyard aka sacred grove jr.

Stevie loves me

But their son Ben is my FAVORITE baby on the earth. He's my boyfriend.

Me, Sister Yancey and Sarah (the adorable librarian).

Cutest little autistic boy ever!!! Stevie Roberts. The Roberts are our favorite members here.

When the elders were here, they let us borrow some tp when we ran out. We didn't realize what elder kelly had written on it till later! Haha

Elder Sanders. He'll come visit you guys with Elder Kelly sometime I'm sure. He's our zone leader. He loves bananas. It doens't look like him. But I'm working on it. haha EVERYONE wants me to draw a picture for them! I've done some good ones so far. I need to send them home. This is the only silly one so far. haha

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