Monday, June 15, 2015

Hudson Falls # 10 "Party Transfer"

Hi Mom!

Today may or may not be my 9 month mark. We're too stupid over here to figure it out :) Regardless, I'm still a missionary and LOVING it!!! We're so freaking busy. It's unreal. But this week was quite eventful!

We had zone conference, exchanges and we helped Jim plan the greatest baptism of the century!!! I'll start with that since I've not been able to even finish my emails lately. So, ya know how Jim was introduced to the church 20 years ago by his fellow doctor friend Dr. King? Well, we've been telling him he needs to get a hold of Dr. Vernon King and tell him he's being baptized but this guy seemed to be missing from off the face of the earth! Well, he finally got in contact with him! Jim said it was the greatest phone call of his life. They were both crying. But the greatest news ever... Jim asked Bro. King if he could fly from Colorado to baptize him.... HE CAN!!!! We're telling Jim's story to all of the members we can because we want them to see that sometimes they may feel like they're not making a big difference in anyone's life by sharing what they believe. Sometimes as missionaries we get discouraged because it may not seem like we're making a difference. But Jim's story shows that you never realize the impact you have on a person. He hadn't seen Dr. King for 20 years but he had such an impact on Jim that Jim can remember the things he told him about what we believe like it was yesterday. It is amazing! Jim wasn't ready at all 20 years ago to be baptized. He was still an alcoholic, partying and doing drugs, but he gave it all up by going to AA meetings all these years and reading the D&C, Pearl of Great Price and parts of the Book of Mormon. Finding out he had cancer really humbled him. Finally, after 20 years, we found him and he was ready!!! It was so cute, Bishop Lucido pulled us and Jim into his office at church yesterday and as Jim explained to him his story and all about Dr. King, Bishop's like "Where have you been all this time?!" Haha! I guess they have to make sure that Dr. King actually holds the priesthood and get in contact with his bishop and such. But it sounds like he may be the bishop in his ward. Anyways, we're just super excited! Lots of other missionaries are coming and President Wirthlin even says he'll try to make it :)

That leads us to zone conference.... It was really sad saying goodbye to President Wirthlin. He was so cute. He said he had to make jokes the whole time so he didn't just bawl his eyes out. But I'm praying that he'll start getting excited to go home. He hasn't been home for 8 years! They are incredible. I'm super excited for the changes our mission is going through though. Especially with Elder Broekhuejisen (?) Holy cow. He's amazing and real! He's made this thing called Brovis that basically makes the AP's job a thousand times easier. We text Brovis and it records all of our weekly totals and miles reimbursed, tells us the weather forecast and can give us any other missionary's address and lots of other stuff. I don't know how it works but it's amazing! He's all about changing things in the mission and my goodness we need it. Anyways, zone conference was sad, but exciting. I sang before testimony meeting at the end. SO fun to pretend to be confident! Everyone was really nice and told me it went well. Some people were crying so I assume that means it was a success :) Thank Sister Alger for letting me use her song for me. I may sing it for Jim's baptism.

At the end of zone conference, President announced that the Saratoga zone will be going to the MoTab's concert in SPAC on June 29th. AHHHHHH!!! Also, I keep forgetting to tell you, but you will NOT believe what we're doing for our District Activity next Monday. So, we have a 6 Flags here in G.F. but the missionaries have never been brave enough to ask Pres. if we could go. Well we asked... and we're going to SIX FLAGS!!!! And President and Sister Wirthlin may even come! The zone leaders are coming and so many of my friends from Bennington. Dylan and Danielle! I'm too excited. I can't sleep at night :)

We exchanged after taking a bazillion pics with the Wirthlins. The exchange was SO GOOD!!! I was super sick, just with a cold and a smoker voice and my dumb tick bite of course has been extra awful this week, but other than that, this week has been incredible for me! I've grown so much with zone conference and exchanges. I was nervous for exchanges because we're not super close with the Saratoga sisters but I found a lot in common with them. Especially Sister Hansen who everyone really misunderstands. I was able to help them a lot because of things that I've gotten through in the past. The Spirit led the whole exchange and I'm so grateful that I got to go with them for those three days. Leaving my area and Sister North was all worth it! Now we have a lot of catching up to do! 
I love these weeks when I really feel I need to rely on the Savior to make it through because I just don't feel strong enough to do it on my own. It builds my faith and reminds me that I should rely on Him more.

Thank you for your prayers! I sure love you all!

Sister Hawtsutff
(I love my Glenns Falls nickname ;) It's really starting to spread)

Could be the last time seeing the Wirthlins if they don't come to Jim's baptism!

Car ride back. Miley Cyrus hairdo :) SO happy to be back together. Supa hyper :)

Saratoga Sisters that I went with. Sister Maxwell and Sister Hansen :)

Most beautiful mission in the world!

Exchanging back! I LOVE these sisters!

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