Monday, June 1, 2015

Hudson Falls #8 "SO in Demand"


This week we were like crazy ladies. It's been an absolute roller coaster but missions always are!

Monday: As you saw on FB, our stake had a memorial day picnic. Do you even realize what that means?! At first I was like sweet, other missionaries. then I realized.... BENNINGTON!!!! I could not sleep Sunday night cuz I was so freaking excited to see Charlann and Danielle and Dylan Behunin!!! Little did I know, Brianna was coming too! Three of my 4 recent converts were there. It made my life. I tried to run to them when we got to the Albany Stake picnic but with my bad-tick-leg, I looked so dumb. Haha! Charlann was amazing. She gathered all my missionary friends around and said a prayer for missionary work with everyone. Sooo my Mama Char :)

Tuesday: Went around with the elders for part of the day to meet some of the people they teach. Those we would soon be teaching. Kind of awkward for people to find out right there that they're switching from crazy fun elders that they've learned to love to us lamo sisters. But the zone leaders also came to help them "clean their apartment". Just an excuse to party. We all went to Angelina's Pizza where we eat free once a week. Don't know if we're gonna go anymore cuz that's just awkward going alone.

Wednesday: We said goodbye to the elders. We all cried but Elder Kelly cuz he has no emotions. Haha But I knew everything was going to work out! The Lord has saved me from way too many situations where it seems like I'm going to really struggle. I didn't worry too much. The elders gave us a lot of their stuff so that was cool. We don't have to buy groceries hardly at all this week cuz we got all their food :)
The rest is just all a blur so I'll just go by investigators! We only have a thousand and a half people to keep track of now. I feel like I just got the hang of the Hudson Falls people!

Jim: He came to church and it was maybe the freakiest sacrament meeting ever. I thought he was gonna hate church now but the Spirit plugged his ears for part of it and he got something out of it that no one else heard so that was great! He's been somewhat sick because of chemo. Threw up in one of our lessons :( I love teaching him!!!

Jace: The elder's investigator that set himself on date in the first lesson! But we went without a member and he was super creepy to us. He's like in his 40s and wanted us to come inside and we're pretty positive he gave us alcohol. Gave us gingerale that made us really sick and burned our thoats!

Josh/ Rougie Family: AHHH!!! Our first lesson set Josh (17) on date! They're a less active/ part member family. 4 boys and 2 baby girls. SO cute. The lesson was super awkward at first cuz they were used to wild child Elder Britton and not sisters. But in the end it was so great! With me and Sister North having such different talents we can connect in some way with almost everyone! Love it! They made me sing for them-Brother Rougie and his wife Nicole (notmember) loved it. The boys all loved that sister north plays softball. They invited us to dinner tonight but cancelled this morning :( We'll see them again this week though.

Maria: 50s? single woman.  Love her!!! She's a free spirit like me so we connect well. Eternal investigator? I think not! She'll be on date this next week. Her concerns with the preisthood are all resolved after years! I can feel that she'll get baptized while I'm here.

Lila: An rc's cousin. She can't get baptized cuz her dad won't sign, but I told her about Dylan's miracle in Bennington and she's super excited to fast this next Sunday! She came to church too.

It was a super rainy week and I was in HEAVEN!!!!!! Jim said "I've never seen someone get so excited about rain before!" Haha!

Also, my leg has felt so much better this week!! It only started hurting again these past 2 days... idk why but I did try to run on it. It will be okay!

Thanks for all of your prayers. Especially for my little tick

Love you all,

Sister Hallsted

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