Monday, June 29, 2015

Hudson Falls #12 "Jimmer/Baptism/PARTY!!!!"


Life is just too good. Doesn't mean my mission is easy, but it is SO wonderful when I step back and look at it. Sooooo much happened this week that I just don't know how to fit it all in this short amount of time! Overwhelmed! Oh well.

There's this great story about our new investo named Robert (22 years old) who just turned to me at the library while we were online and asked me if he could join our church. Well, I mean, of course, my friend!!! Our entire conversation was incredible as we whispered in the library/ talked over facebook with him sitting right next to me (we got in trouble for talking). I'll tell you all about it someday, but basically, he's going to be baptized except in South Carolina! He moved right after that conversation, but we've been teaching him over facebook. He's so prepared.

Another great story: I got my blood tests done. We'll find out the results today but I know I'm fine! Anyways, I almost passed out because I keep forgetting to eat. There's no time and I always feel so sick. It was the weirdest feeling. The nurses were freaking me out so bad and they took me to some underwater painted room and laid me down in this bed. I can't remember most of it but we were in there forever! Time we just don't have.

Another cool story: There's this eternigator named Maria that owns a hotel on the famous Lake George (look it up- I'm living the dream here. It's like a resort). We started seeing her once a week a couple months ago. There's absolutely no reason she's not baptized. We've realized that it's basically because she's too big to fit in the font. Dude! You could totally get baptized in Lake George! So she's going to. September 7th as of right now. But she'll probably move it sooner so I can be there and hopefully Sister North too!

We get transfer calls on Saturday. Sister North's been here for 7 and a half months. I don't know if they'll keep her for nine. I HOPE SO! We're so in love. and working hard. We'll see.

Anyways, then Jim got baptized on Friday. Dr. King was AMAZING!!!! We became best friends right off. We wore our matching dresses. It felt like we were at a wedding. The whole thing was planned for us by Jim and TONS of his friends and family showed up. It was a little disappointing that not a lot of members came but I guess because he got baptized so fast, not a lot of people know him well yet. Most of his family was crying the whole time they were so happy. When he came up out of the water he was SO excited. They closed the curtains and his brother said "Wow. He could be on a red bull commercial!" It was like a dream.

From the Facebook Page: The Baptism of Jim Willig
Inline image 2

Then, Sunday came......... and Brother Fredette walks in with his wife as usual. Then a whole clan of Fredettes come walking in! Just as beautiful as ever!!!! They sat down right next to us. Jimmer came right to us and introduced himself! He sat down next to us, bore his testimony and then Brother Fredette gave a talk for the rest of sacrament meeting. He even talked about Jim and Jim thought he had died and gone to heaven :) "Jimmer showed up for my confirmation!!!!" Haha! Jimmer and his wife were so sweet and we played with his nephew the whole time :) It was fun! He's so humble. He wouldn't take pictures or talk with us inside the church at all, but we went out and talked for a bit and took pictures.

Breck Naylor and some more Jimmer time! She brought us our hump day package from our moms!

​Right now we're going to head to Saratoga to see MoTab perform with Alex Boye. I just can't sleep anymore I'm so excited about life. Last night Sister North said to me "You're like a 5 year old on Christmas Eve.... except every single night." She's right :)

Anyways, life's not too bad here. Pray that we will stay together and that elders will be brought back so we're not forgetting their people and we can go back to having meal hours! Haha!
Love all of you so much! I'm so happy to hear that Dad's recovering and that you had a party for Manda's birthday but most of all that ELDER KELLY came over Sunday night!!!!!!!! You've all now been blessed by his adorable-ness. Keep making him feel awkward for me. That was always too fun :) I'm so so grateful for my amazing family!!!

Sister Brynnie Hallstud


Riding back with the zone leaders. They've become our best friends.

Families are forever photos! First attempts :) Sister N is part of our family... she's accidentally holding up our family for her practice shots :)

The first picture's like my favorite right now. She's hilarious. Our model shots :)

Drew this picture of Sister Gochnour! Finished!
I'm still in the process of Sister North as a little girl hugging Jesus :) I loooove the notepad paper you sent me- seriously love it! We used it a lot this week.

Made a flower crown for Sister North during "morning exercise". Elder Sanders wore it for District meeting. Then this is Elder Sanders and Moss and then us fitting in a giant pair of pants they gave us to give Jim for his baptism! I'll show you the video when I get home!

and me with our RC's adorable little sister, Ryan. I dressed her up like this at the church :)

Me with Bishop Lucido and his cute little wife!

We just went wild our last night sewing these dresses with grandma nicholson :)

cleaning/ filling the font. Takes like 6 hours. This font is dumb.

Dr. King's testimony to Jim in this super old quad from like twenty years ago.

My house of dreams in GF

With the zone leaders before and after Bennington sisters left.

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