Monday, July 20, 2015

Hudson Falls #13 & #14 : Transfers and New PREZ

From Julie - I got to go to Brynn's Mission President's Homecoming. I met her companion, her companions mother's, and President Joseph B. Wirthlin Jr.
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July 13, 2015
I hope you're having a blast in PR! Email me back as soon as you can. My companion and I are BEEESSSTTTT friends. She already is a favorite companion. It is amazing because  she is Dani Rogers twin. I'm actually now going to write Dani a letter. Sister Hansen and I are going to be roomates at UVU when I get home.

Because I didn't write an email and just partied instead, I have too much to catch up on from these past two weeks.

MLC- The new mission president is amazing! I LOVE him. He just laid down the law, told us that our mission can be raised so much higher and basically that we all suck! I just gloried in it. It's exactly what I've been waiting for. Not sure how the other missionaries felt but I am too excited for the changes our mission is going to see.
Meet and Greet President Rogers- He's really really awesome but I really think it's just a shock to the other missionaries to have a new guys around. Him and his wife keep calling each other by their first names and it's super funny. Sister Rogers is just terrified out of her mind to be here, but she looks kind of like mom so I feel close with her already. We got to ask questions and of course I asked all the marriage ones. I felt it was expected of me :)We had so much fun with the zone leaders. We were with them alllll day long because of these meetings.

Transfer- Sister North went to Glenville and I got..... SISTER HANSEN! Super weird because I was just her STL, but I absolutely looooove her. It's funny because every sister in our zone just got switched up. weird! I'm SO glad I'm not an STL anymore. Hallelujah! I need a break just to see what other STLs actually do because I always felt like I could have been better!

Sister Hansen has been a mystery to the whole mission and now I've gotten to see her real self and I am so grateful. We talk sooo much and she literally thinks I am perfect. and the most hilarious person on earth. It's almost awkward how much she laughs. But I love her so much.
This will be the best transfer of my life.

Sister Hallsted

July 7, 2015
This is what we were doing instead of emailing. Haha! Tie dyed shirts!!!
Elder Sander's tie dyed his missionary shirt because he says he'll never wear his short sleeved ones again. But he didn't quite think about the fact that he didn't bring another shirt to wear... HAHA! So he's wearing the ginormous one that he was supposed to tie dye with his tie.
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The Zone Leaders gave us goat t-shirts, of course.
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Oh my gosh. I just found out from my good friend Sister North here that we have not in fact emailed since the Motab concert. I think this has been the longest week of my entire life.
This is before the motab concert in some weird store with some fantastic hats.
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Motab! I felt pretty awesome for being one of the only missionaries prepared with a blanket- ginormous enough to fit all of my favorite people!
Proof that we were at Motab. There was a nice pole in the way and Elder Ayre's big head.
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Ahhhh! Sister and Jessie Finnegan!!!! SOOOO good to hug Sister Finnegan again. I miss them terribly :(
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10:30 at night is when we got out of the concert and the greenwich elders took us back to the parking garage. But I just could NOT drive without eating some ice cream for fear I would fall asleep and kill my dear friend Sister North.... ;)  We definitely got ice cream at like 11 pm!
#justificationqueen!  #sisterhansenwillstraightenmeout
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Then we went home and opened our HUMP DAY package!!!!! We couldn't have loved it anymore than we do!!!! Thank you so so much. Love you!
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Hot air balloon comes right over our heads while we're at Grandma Nicholson's on Sunday!

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North, Rachel Boettcher, Hallsted and Kindel Huffaker.
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FB message from Jim's friend! #newinvesto!!! woot woot!
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Painting the Trussell's house! SO fun! We got transfer calls while we were there. Sister North and I are so in love (I keep telling people that and I think they're worried were gay baha!). No one has ever seen a companionship so unified.
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This is where the pictures get REAL crazy! On the fourth of July, we decided we should sleep in the GF elder's apartment. The one that is empty- don't worry! It was TOO MUCH FUN!!! I slept in Elder Kelly's bed and it was the best sleep I've ever gotten on my mission. If we had more time, I would go switch my mattress with his.
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Surfing on Sister North's back. After we plan or before we start comp study, she always lays on the floor and I know I'm supposed to go stand on her back. Haha And yes, I did buy myself a unicorn tank top thing. #formingbadspendinghabits!
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Post MLC drive selfie.
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Oh! And we gave them these ties and picture frames with nice notes on them. Well, mostly nice.
All Sister North's ideas.
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What? We've had two cell phones the whole transfer! It's been amazing! She uses the elder's old phone and I use ours. We tell everyone we're sister assistants :) Even the APs call us that. Haha! We text each other all the time while the other person's in the bathroom.
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Sister Barnard (you get texts from her husband-they're going to utah and I think may want to see you guys).
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And the Boettchers. They're less actives we work with whom I LOVE. Racheal and I are buds because we both like Alex Rider books.
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I looove the mustaches you sent.
I call this outfit... Mr. Rasheed ;)
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