Monday, August 3, 2015

Oswego #2: "Oswego Amigo"


I just want to start off by thanking everyone for their prayers and especially for fasting for me. I have seen SO many miracles on my mission from fasting and I have complete faith that miracles will happen in Oswego. Life is so psycho. Missions are nutz. But sweet Breton gave me some very good advice on this whole situation. He said that I need to be okay with small amounts of progress at first. That advice has saved me this week because I think I just wanted baptisms on baptisms instantly and I think part of me wanted to give up when I wasn't seeing immediate results in just those few days. Haha So silly. At last I see the light. The fog has lifted and I can see so many little miracles and blessings already! It's sometimes so easy to look over them.

As we went on our mega-exchange (me to Syracuse with Sister KASTIGAR and 
Sister Easthope) I prayed that the people involved in the drama in Oswego would magically have it all erased from their memory... it worked for the most part! As I was trying to positive about this obnoxiously long exchange, that's one of the blessings I squeezed out.. that they'd have a break from misisonaries for a while and that was good. I looked through Sister K's planners of when she was in Oswego and called random peeps from them-kind of fun and awkward. I doubt that Sister Baxter liked me taking over like that, but someone's got to do something, right? Right. I'm following Sister K to all of her areas it seems so I guess I'll be in the 'Cuse next. I hope so. 

I felt so empowered and carried on that exchange. Each exchange gets better and better. We have two more this week. just swaps for 24 hours. President Rogers new rule. I LOVE it. I love how he just sticks to the white handbook. Some missionaries hate that he doesn't make exceptions like Pres. Wirthlin did, but I never like how many things we got approved anyway. I love President Rogers!!! We're having a half mission conference tomorrow and, oh, MLC was so freaking amazing. I was blown away. It was the EXACT things I ever wanted for MLC. Now I don't want to leave even more because I want to help the mission with the vision that President Rogers has. Also, half mission conf.... I get to see Elder Britton. I'm sooooooooo excited!

So, I think that I've been so stressed about the area that I haven't been a very good companion... I know that she is not happy, but i think part of that is that she's no longer having the kind of fun she had before. I'm trying to be better at laughing easily and making things fun. I feel bad that I am so boring and uninteresting to her, but I didn't come on my mission to be fun. When I humble myself, it helps a ton. I'm working on that each minute of the day.

But I am pretty sure things are getting a little better. We picked up a new investigator and she came to church! And a less active man came for the first time in years. After leaving their house yesterday, I told Sister Baxter that I just had the feeling that we are going to help the whole Pappa family get baptized. I know it will happen. I'm so pumped.

I'm grateful for all the blessings that I have seen. and for the changes that are happening in our mission!!! After this MLC, I saw for the first time how the Lord has qualified me to be a sister training leader. For the first time, I actually have a desire to be an stl and serve the sisters around me.

Thank you for all the prayers! I love you all so so much!


Sister Hallsted

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