Monday, August 10, 2015

Oswego #3: "Miracles in Oswego"

Hello family!!!

This was a good week! Everyday just gets better and better so I know it will be wonderful in no time. I feel like Heavenly Father just poured His love down upon me this week and sometimes I don't even want to write in my journal, I just want to pray and thank Him all day long. Haha

So, Monday, the zoo was fun. That red panda though.

Tuesday, I was soooooo excited for this mission conference that I couldn't sleep. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! I can't tell you how much I loved the mission conference. President Rogers has such great faith. I prayed hard that the missionaries would be humbled the days before the mish conf so they'd be open to changing. I was worried. But the Spirit was so strong and everyone seemed to leave that meeting filled with faith and more energy than ever. I've never seen so much faith in our missionaries. I love it!! The whole mission seems to have seen many miracles this week and picked up more investigators than ever before! I'd love to somehow see how many investigators were picked up in the mission as a whole.

We exchanged with Liverpool right after. Sister Hale's training a temple square sister and having a rough time so we pulled out my journal from Sister Rasheed and had some good laughs :) But I was able to help her a lot because I know what it's like and how much potential it has to be a life changing opportunity. The exchange ended early cuz Sister B called and cut it short for some reason. She then opened up to me a lot and from that point, things have gotten SO much better. As always seems to be the case, one of us just needs to open up to the other and that solves almost everything. It's hard to be humble enough to do that sometimes! She's accepted my weirdness and I've accepted her angry face :)

At some points this week, it was pretty discouraging. Especially for her. We tracted and tried potentials and less actives... it felt like we were doing everything we possible could but the people of Oswego are SO mean to us! It cracks me up how incredibly rude they are and we think some JW's annoyed everyone to death here. One kid about our age opened the door and said "Why do I get the feeling I'm dealing with a couple of lunatics here.." I just said "What??" and he called to his mom "Mom, can you come deal with these people?" Hahahaha I died laughing. Sister Baxter was pretty discouraged and wanted to go home, but I forced us to stay out like the annoying companion I am. This isn't me being prideful, but those kind of sucky days doesn't really hurt my faith. I've seen too many miracles happen on my mission to think this is all the Lord has in store for us. President Rogers always says "I didn't come here to fail." He's TOO cool, guys. So, Sunday, we decided to tract Minetto. Those people were so nice. i asked literally every human for referrals this week and we didn't get one. Apparently nobody has any friends in this place. Maybe they'll make friends next week. We found no one in Minetto, but we both feel like it's got potential.

Later that afternoon, we were done with this no new investigators crap. We were walking in Oswego to go try these two formers, we walked across the street from our apartment, turned the corner and there's this girl sitting there with her dog. Sister Baxter told me I am the greatest OYMer (greatest compliment of my life-I really am not good, I'm just so desperate here). I start talking to this girl. Her name is Elizabeth, she's 13, super sassy, and the most prepared person ever!!! We went over the first part of the Restoration and she loved it. We're going over everyday and we hope to pick up her whole family tonight! She says they'll love to talk with us about our church because they've been looking for one! I already love her so much, like she's my own sister and of course i've already decided she's going to marry Hyrum. We OYMed another dude named Tim! I've decided that pretending to like dogs is the way to go with OYMing and I actually fell in love with his pug. SO cute! We're going back to pick up his wife too on Wednesday :)

As I cleaned out our raunchy apartment this morning, I found a whole huge thing of formers (hallelujah). I was wondering why there were like none! Huge blessing!!! Basically, we expect to see many more miracles this week and I'm so excited for it.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers this week!!!! I can truly feel them. keep 'em comin.

Sister Hallsted

Exchanges with Fayetteville!

Went to Chittenango where the guy who wrote the Wizard of Oz lived. The whole town was Oz themed :) Loved it! I would have dressed up as Dorothy is I knew before the exchange ;) This is the Yellow Brick Road.

Tuesday's half mission conference!!!!

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