Monday, August 31, 2015

Oswego #6: Merry Christmas

Dear Family,

Nah, it didn't snow. As usual around this time of year, I get obnoxiously excited for Christmas to come. It's hit me hard this week. It's getting a lot cooler and I'm so sad because it wasn't humid enough this summer. I feel ripped off. I guess I'll just have to extend my mission ;)

This week was miraculous. We picked up 8 new investigators and on Sunday, we just got another member referral for a whole family that wants to be baptized, but we haven't been able to contact them yet cuz they're out of town. But it is the weirdest feeling ever that I have been dealing with for a while... Oswego is not even the same area it was when I first got here. As STLs President is emphasizing having a vibrant area as an example for others, and now we've got one. But I don't feel satisfied at all. I don't know if I'm not grateful enough or just if miracles are being dumped on us and I don't feel like we're deserving of them. But I feel that there is SO much more work to do.
The college kids just moved back this week to SUNY Oswego and I am soooo excited to go find some to teach.

One of our new investigators goes there right now. Her name is Tarah and she's a referral from NYNYS, from Queens. She's amazing!!! She's living all the commandments and is wanting to get baptized asap. She just wants her dad's approval. She's going home to visit I think this weekend and she's planning on telling him. It sounds like it will be good though!

We also picked up this family yesterday. Bob and Jessica and their kids. They've had a really rough year and Jessica is really searching to find the right church to raise her kids in. Well we have it! I see soooo much potential in them. We see Bob at the Salvation Army. I forced us to find service when I got to Oswego and it's turned out to be a huge blessing. We are now known in Oswego, the way missionaries are known in Bennington. That will help lots of future missionaries here as well. Also, at the Sal. Army, we serve the food on Wednesdays but now the head cook guy, Dean, is making me cook everything because I told him how awful I am. It's so fun and he asks lots of questions about the church.

Also, Sister Rogers came teacing with us on Tuesday. Best thing of my life. I decided I want to be a mission presdient's wife when I grow up :) They came and spoke on Sunday as well. I LOVE President Rogers.

Saturday we had Patty's baptism. The ward members were pretty supportive and came, but Bishop P didn't. We called and said he would, but he didn't and he didn't say anything about it on Sunday. We're trying to understand him better. Nicole (Investigator) and her dad Ed (Less Active) came to the baptism! I was beyond happy. Nicole reminds me a lot of Danielle Behunin. I miss her a lot, but with Nicole I constantly am just bearing my testimony to her the way I wish I would have with Danielle. I know we can have a huge impact on the teenage girls that we're teaching. We're teaching 5 teenage girls. I think we're supposed to build up the YWs in the Fulton ward :) But still, I don't feel satisfied with the work here. I know that I can work a ton harder and faster.

We've had two good days in a row though. I've been through much much harder things before in my life and I know the Lord will help me through. I have no doubt of that. Just sometimes I wonder if I am doing enough in my situation right now. i have to go, but thanks for everything. I love you all!!!

Love, Sister Hallsted

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