Monday, September 28, 2015

Oswego #10 Training!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Family!

Once again, I've waited to do this email last. I have so many birthday emails and I'm SO grateful to everyone that wrote me this week!

All I wanted to do for my birthday was work. A perfect birthday day would have been just straight up finding new people to teach alllll day long.... but that wish didn't come true. We had SO many great plans that made it a great day!

Transfer calls came on my birthday as well, but we already knew by Friday morning what was happening with us becaue President called to ask me if I would train a new missionary next transfer. Um, HECK YEAH!!!!! I am beyond excited, but there's this awkardness with Sister Baxter because she was pretty sure she was staying. Everything with transfers happened like I knew it would. Except that Elder Corbin is leaving, which I'm bummed about because he may be more happy than even Elder Kelly was. But I plan to keep up the happy for the unit. The STLs are now in Syracuse and my Texas sister, Sister Easthope is leaving:(But Sister Collette is coming to be my STL!!!!! I'm way excited for that. Because of these transfer calls though, my companion didn't feel like talking to me all Friday and Saturday so that made me super sad and really homesick on my birthday. We've kind of talked about it though and I just need to stop talking about it, or being excited. Whatever. I'm sure ready for Wednesday!

But nervous. I've only been to two transfer meetings because of my ETs so I can't even remember what they're like!

Maggie Maccallum's baptism (a little girl in the ward that is my best friend) was Saturday morning, then we went with Maggie and Sister Maccallum to the women's broadcast at the stake center in Liverpool. I LOVED IT!!!! That broadcast is one of the things I will forever look forward to eacch conference. Best birthday present ever. And as always, the Spirit pointed out things that made the whole conference seem specifically for me! I have been studying faith, hope and charity and how truly they are "the fountain of all righteousness" (Ether 12:28). So President Uchtdorf's talk really got me excited. We're watching it with someone tonight too. I'm pumped!

I had many random surprise parties... but the best one, you already know. I wish I had more time to tell!!! But, after church, the elders didn't do 'month end' with us, but went to Sister Whitley's. The sisters always go over there every Sunday. She's really old. We do crafts and "share some gospel". 

I love it :)  They went to Sister Whitley's and set up for this "surprise party". But what they did sure was a surprise! Before we walk in, I can hear myself singing "How Great Thou Art" and all the lights are off inside. I was super confused and kind of scared to see what craziness Sister Whitley had planned for me. I walk in her dark kitchen and there's some tea light candles that spell 'Hallsted' :) There're blankets on the walls to look like carpets and there's a microphone, home made recording equipment and a sign that says "Recording Studio". The elders are just standing under the sign smiling and Sister Whitley is sitting in her walker next to the microphone. They had recreated when I got to record in June Audio studios!!! I started to tear up and everything!! They don't believe me that this truly was the best birthday I have ever had. I felt so much love from the peple in this area on my birthday and I needed it! And I just absolutely adore being a missionary. I could never say it enough. It brings me SO much joy. Kinds of happy that I have never felt before. I have felt God's love so real, so strongly and felt part of His love for others that I have met here. I know this is Christ's church 110%- I have no doubts at all. Before my mission, but espcially on my mission I have learned that is true. I LOVE having the gospel. Nothing could change people the way I've seen the gospel change people. Especially me :)

I sure love you all and am so grateful for all that you guys do for me.


Sister Hallsted

ps. Sorry I just wrote an email all about my bithday. How lame am I?

Monday, September 21, 2015

Oswego #9 “Happy Horchata Day”


Thanks for all the birthday emails! Man, I feel super loved!!! Which is mucho needed because every exchange I realize I've turned into a robot and am actually somewhat sad. Sad and mission don't go together.... so I've been trying to figure that out this week.

My exchange with Sister Dillard went pretty well! They are doing great work in Auburn.

We got rides for a zillion investigators to come to church this week and..... they all cancelled the morning of!!!! We were gonna have 7 investos there but it was just our usual 1. Bleh. I was bummed but

Oh my! So much complaining! Positive stuff: We picked up an AWESOME family this week! Norman and Linda and their kids. They're like the Pew family except half black. Too cool. I adore black babies. And I am beyond excited to see the effects of the gospel work in their lives. We've been meeting lots of people through our service activities. Woot woot! I'm telling all the missionaries about it! I'll tell you more about Norman and Linda next week.

We have zone conference tomorrow and I am SO excited for the other missionaries to see what a real zone conference should be like. This is the first one with President Rogers. Man, that guy... New York will never be the same because of him.

I love you all! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and such! I'm soooo excited to be a missionary on my birthday. I plan to use that to get in or oym people. I'm trying to think of creative ways... I'll tell you how it goes!

Sure love ya!

-Sister Brynn Hallsted

ps Please pray for Jim Willig (rc in glens falls). Call him if you can. I don't know if he's gonna make i

Monday, September 14, 2015

Oswego #8 “Remember when my subject lines used to be cool & hipster?”

Dear Familia,

You guys are the best! Thanks for the packages and prayers and letters and such! I love you all! And guess what! I am alive. As of right now, things are actually really good! This week I worked on having positive thoughts about things to match what I am showing on the outside and that has made a huge difference. We had two exchanges this week and I left for both of them. To Fayetteville and Liverpool. They were SUCH wonderful and inspired exchanges! Now, I am going to be so sad when I am finally done being a Sister Training Leader and we feel that that time is coming to an end. I leave again this week for Auburn on another exchange.

I am having faith and I really have higher hopes than ever that this time that things really are improving. I know that the exchanges we went on were totally inspired by the Lord because they couldn't have been better fitting. The exchanges I have been on this transfer has made me so excited! We have some awesome, obedient, hard working sisters in the Syracuse Zone this transfer! They mostly needed faith boosting because they really are working pretty hard, but they are somewhat discouraged by their results. It's also exciting to see how the success we've seen so quickly in Oswego is inspiring them. That shows a lot of the character of the sisters that we're over and that they understand that this truly is the Lord's work. Not ours.

So, today has been the most adventurous day we've had in quite a while! Bahaha Let me help you understand all my crazy pictures from the week. So, all the Syracuse, Liverpool and Fayetteville missionaries play basketball each Monday morning at 6 am and for some reason Sister Baxter really wanted to go today. Wahoo. Anyways, we drove to the Fulton elders suuuper early (and on the way, it was a huge rainstorm and I accidentally destroyed this guy on the side of the road with a huge puddle. I was screaming and also laughing so hard. So was Sister Baxter! It was like a movie. Poor guy was drenched with mud ha!) anyways, we then to Syracuse and surprised them all with our presence! I tried playing basketball and they were all nice to me as usual, but then I found this giant pile of clothes that I guess the church got from some old lady that had just passed away. They were AMAZING! It was like I was back home playing dress up :) So I did a modeling photo shoot for Sister Hale. Then Elder Patterson joined me, then other elders that were out of the game right then, then slowly, basketball stopped and all the elders were putting on these old clothes. It was crazy!!! It so reminded me of being at home!!! And they loved it! We had a photo shoot but they continued to play in their skirts and fancy shoulder pad jackets. Hahaha Never ever again. Then I took some of the clothes... I don't know if that was okay either... It made my life.

And then, all the other missionaries went back to their homes to get ready for the day so while we waited for Destiny USA mall to open, we went to try and get into the Carrier Dome (sp?) on the Syracuse Campus. None of the other missionaries got in and they told us we couldn't. I told them that I had learned from my mom that it never hurts to ask. I guess all of her success stories inspired them! Because we asked the right people and got in! And the other place is the Carmelo Anthony stadium. I think?? The elders were freaking out but of course I had no clue why it was cool :) We also stopped at Funkin' Waffles on campus to show the elders how amazing it is. Then we went to the mall and met all the Syracuse elders back there. I was super sick. I had to go to the bathroom four times all before the 'Cuse elders came. I have been sick basically my whole mission, but especially lately. I can hardly eat at all anymore but I only have 7 months left so I'll just fix this when I get home. I felt so annoying and awful. But I took some medicine and prayed like crazy and felt okay after what felt like forever.  We all went glow in the dark mini golfing and shockingly, I owned everyone. Basically, it was a great day and we are pooped out! Literally!

I have faith this this week will be a good one. Things are looking up! I absolutely adore exchanges. Especially because they have all been with sisters that are three transfers out or younger. SO so fun to see their excitement about being a missionary! Guys, I want to train so badly this next transfer, but I also really want to be an STL again because Elder Bennet is coming from the Seventy and he's going to do an MLC after he does half mission conferences again. I want to be there so badly!! But, whatever the Lord has planned for me, even if it means staying with Sister Baxter another transfer, I will be happy. I think I've finally realized that there's no point in worrying or really even thinking about what's going to happen at transfers because it is always what the Lord knows is best. if anyone knows that, it's me... what with all my crazy mission history. My transfers are all messed up and I don't even remember how many transfers I served where anymore!

I love you all so very much. I feel like I've only told you the struggles lately, but I hope you all know how much I adore being a missionary. I have never been happier in my life. I love the people, I love the trees, I love the Spirit, and most of all, I love the Lord so very much. I told each sister I went with on exchanges this transfer. No matter how hard parts of my mission have been, I wouldn't change any of it because it has all brought me so close to my Savior and I truly cherish any experience that brings me closer to Him.

Sure love you all too,

Sister Brynn Hallsted

Ps. When we signed into the Carmelo what's his face place, Elder Patterson signed all our names and as we passed, I saw that he wrote my name as "Brynn Poopsted". Ahahaha! Because I had been so sick that day. Rude! So I have yet another nick name now. Sister Poopsted. So proud.

Us in 'Cuse.

us with nicole Papa. Hyrum's future wife.

Had fun decorating the board while my sisters had their DL interviews haha

After our exchange!
Me and Sister Searle. My favorite person ever!!!! She's a brand new missionary and so prepared and excited about everything. We're in Chittenango where the man who wrote Wizard of Oz was from. After we took this picture, we talked to the old man who took it and the sisters are going over this week to teach him now! Wahoo! He is so cute.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Oswego #7 “Roller Coaster Week”

Dear Family,

This week was very up and down for me but thus is life, right?

My exchange on Thursday with Sister Easthope was amazing of course. She's from Texas and talks about it constantly. I love it. I love exchanges when you're both ready to work super hard together and see miracles happen. We picked up a new investigator. The only one we picked up this week.. And we were able to have seven lessons all before 5 pm when we had to meet the zone leaders and Ithaca STLs in Syracuse to drive to MLC.

MLC was obviously amazing. I wish I had more time to write more. Afterwards, Sister B was super motivated to be obedient and we made lots of goals together on the drive home! I was SO excited for her.

On Sunday was Elder Patterson's birthday. We threw him a "surprise" party that he almost didn't show up to. But church was so sweet. Elizabeth came with the Rowley family and I was SO happy! Then two people I didn't recognize were sitting on our row. Elizabeth was mouthing to me across the rows telling me that he was famous and she saw him in concert. His name is Josh Batstone and was on the voice. But his girlfriend looked totally familiar. She recognized me too! So, do you remember Theron from the Deli?? Well, this girl was his cousin Chloe who we used to see in Em Pew's plays and was in our seminary class Senior year. It was so crazy!!!

Today, Monday, we went to the New York State Fair in Syracuse. Literally, it was a roller coaster week! It was fun. I think I've been on enough roller coasters as a missionary. It feels weird being at a fair now. We went for our district activity. I'm not scared of roller coasters in the slightest now. It was basically like Lagoon. Patty took us, but got super sick and we had to leave early.

Thank you all for your prayers and emails!

I am the worst ever at emailing back, I know, but I'm hoping to get better soon. I love you all!


Sister Brynnie Hallsted

1. Party for Elder Patterson at Sister Whitley's.
2. Us with Elizabeth, Josh B, Chloe and Elders. The lighting is awful.