Monday, September 7, 2015

Oswego #7 “Roller Coaster Week”

Dear Family,

This week was very up and down for me but thus is life, right?

My exchange on Thursday with Sister Easthope was amazing of course. She's from Texas and talks about it constantly. I love it. I love exchanges when you're both ready to work super hard together and see miracles happen. We picked up a new investigator. The only one we picked up this week.. And we were able to have seven lessons all before 5 pm when we had to meet the zone leaders and Ithaca STLs in Syracuse to drive to MLC.

MLC was obviously amazing. I wish I had more time to write more. Afterwards, Sister B was super motivated to be obedient and we made lots of goals together on the drive home! I was SO excited for her.

On Sunday was Elder Patterson's birthday. We threw him a "surprise" party that he almost didn't show up to. But church was so sweet. Elizabeth came with the Rowley family and I was SO happy! Then two people I didn't recognize were sitting on our row. Elizabeth was mouthing to me across the rows telling me that he was famous and she saw him in concert. His name is Josh Batstone and was on the voice. But his girlfriend looked totally familiar. She recognized me too! So, do you remember Theron from the Deli?? Well, this girl was his cousin Chloe who we used to see in Em Pew's plays and was in our seminary class Senior year. It was so crazy!!!

Today, Monday, we went to the New York State Fair in Syracuse. Literally, it was a roller coaster week! It was fun. I think I've been on enough roller coasters as a missionary. It feels weird being at a fair now. We went for our district activity. I'm not scared of roller coasters in the slightest now. It was basically like Lagoon. Patty took us, but got super sick and we had to leave early.

Thank you all for your prayers and emails!

I am the worst ever at emailing back, I know, but I'm hoping to get better soon. I love you all!


Sister Brynnie Hallsted

1. Party for Elder Patterson at Sister Whitley's.
2. Us with Elizabeth, Josh B, Chloe and Elders. The lighting is awful.

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