Monday, September 21, 2015

Oswego #9 “Happy Horchata Day”


Thanks for all the birthday emails! Man, I feel super loved!!! Which is mucho needed because every exchange I realize I've turned into a robot and am actually somewhat sad. Sad and mission don't go together.... so I've been trying to figure that out this week.

My exchange with Sister Dillard went pretty well! They are doing great work in Auburn.

We got rides for a zillion investigators to come to church this week and..... they all cancelled the morning of!!!! We were gonna have 7 investos there but it was just our usual 1. Bleh. I was bummed but

Oh my! So much complaining! Positive stuff: We picked up an AWESOME family this week! Norman and Linda and their kids. They're like the Pew family except half black. Too cool. I adore black babies. And I am beyond excited to see the effects of the gospel work in their lives. We've been meeting lots of people through our service activities. Woot woot! I'm telling all the missionaries about it! I'll tell you more about Norman and Linda next week.

We have zone conference tomorrow and I am SO excited for the other missionaries to see what a real zone conference should be like. This is the first one with President Rogers. Man, that guy... New York will never be the same because of him.

I love you all! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and such! I'm soooo excited to be a missionary on my birthday. I plan to use that to get in or oym people. I'm trying to think of creative ways... I'll tell you how it goes!

Sure love ya!

-Sister Brynn Hallsted

ps Please pray for Jim Willig (rc in glens falls). Call him if you can. I don't know if he's gonna make i

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