Monday, October 19, 2015

Oswego/Liverpool #13: SNOW!!!!

Yo Family! :)

This week was absolutely incredible! I adore my three-o, but this Wednesday it is coming to an end. I have mixed feelings about it. I was getting kind of nervous to go back to Oswego after three weeks and be training a new missionary all at the same time, but when we went back this Saturday, we saw a ton of people and it was pretty easy to set up appointments with just a few phone calls! That made me very relieved. I really want to focus on finding the "elect" as Elder Bennett would say, in Oswego. So we're going to be doing a lot of finding again when I get back!

This week we found super solid investigators in Liverpool!!! We tried this potential named Joanne and he son Greg happened to be there so we taught them both about the Plan of Salvation. They had a lot of questions, which I love. Greg is about 30 and had been to church in the Schenectady ward and he really loved a lot of things about it. Awesome!

My favorite thing from this week though was when I went to get new glasses!!! This was on Tuesday..? This got me SO excited to be a missionary when I get home too. My companions just sat outside in Walmart for TWO hours! I gave the optometrist (sp?) a Restoration pamphlet and talked a lot to the guy who did the frame measurements and gave him our number. I really really hope that guy calls us. But, if not, I'll be seeing him any day now to get my glasses! It was sooo fun! You can truly relate the Gospel to anything. Even eyeballs :)

President Rogers called me sometime this week and told me that he has a companion set up for me! Her name is Sister Sellers from California... (did I already tell you this?) She is waiting for a visa to go to Brazil. WE get to pretend to be sister assistants and pick her up ourselves from the airport on Tuesday! Then we're all going to sleep in our two beds together because I've just been sleeping on couch cushions on the ground and there's just no room for her there :)

I'm so sad to be leaving my trio. I adore them. ahhhhhhh. But, I'm just feeling very grateful to have had the chance to be with them at all.

Sunday was incredible. I LOVE the Liverpool ward. They really want me to stay. I hope that I come back here to finish my mission. President said that I'll definitely be staying in Oswego until the week before Christmas. But I am hearing terrrrible things about the snow there. IT snowed on Sunday!!! And the Fulton elders say that it dumped on Oswego and Fulton.... I was excited for the winter, but now I'm getting scared. I have like ptsd from last winter, but the people here say that last winter was abnormally bad. Hopefully we survive! 

Pray for me and for my new companion Sister Sellers. I hope she likes me. I hope she's excited to work and be in New York because it is the most wonderful place!

I sure love you all! Thank you for your prayers and your love :)


Sister Brynn Hallsted

We squished the two beds together when we go to Oswego. SO fun!!!

More bed squishing

Went to a baptism in the Fulton ward when we came to Oswego for the day. that was fun.

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