Monday, October 12, 2015

Oswego/Liverpool #12 #teamrogers

NY Utica Mission Photo with visiting Elder Bennett of the Seventy   (White arrow on Brynn)

Hello Family!

What a beautiful week I have had! I absolutely adore this trio still. We have seen SO many miracles. I can't believe how much the area has changed in just a week!

We cleaned the nasty nasty apartment. I'll send the nasty pictures :) Now we can feel the Spirit. Then I called all the potentials/ formers in the area book that Sister Loveland thought seemed promising. We got four appointments set. The area book was so sad and basically, missionaries before didn't try. It felt so good to get our lives cleaned up a little bit. Then the miracles started happening! We set a goal of 6 new investigators this week thinking that would be a miracle. Liverpool only picked up 1 investigator a transfer for the past few. We prayed soooo hard and fasted to be led to new people to teach. We picked up seven new investigators this week!!!!! And found an awesome family to teach! I have never seen 3 sisters so excited in my life! We called President Rogers last night just freaking out! I love him. He was so excited for us. He told me that he wanted to call me anyway because he's just found out that a visa-waiter is available for me on October 20th and she'll be going to Brazil. He said Brazil visas usually take the longest so I'll be training her in Oswego for the rest of the transfer and then staying another until her visa comes. But he said this isn't for sure yet. That's the earliest I'd be getting a new companion though. The Fulton ward thinks they're dying without sister missionaries. I get calls from Sister Whitley, Roberta and our investigator Dawna at least everyday asking me when I'm coming back.

I adore my tri-panionship and getting this opportunity to help the Lord build up a "dead area" like Oswego used to be. But we go back to Oswego once a week and it really really made me sad this Saturday to be back and see how my area is hurting with out us there all the time. I know the Lord's got some plan though. I just need to remind myself that so I don't worry about my Oswego peeps. The elders are doing a good job seeing them a couple times a week too. But it's not the same as being able to fully proselyte there. But then my comps were all depressed after President's phone call because I'm eventually leaving. Haha I looove them. Whatever happens is supposed to happen! That's all I know!

With Elder Bennett's mission conference, a lot of changes have come about. I feel like the Spirit was really humbling me in preparation for the mission conference so that I'd be open to accepting the changes Elder Bennett suggested we make. I absolutely loved it. It really hurt all of our pride! He basically yelled at us for 6 hours and we weren't allowed to talk at all....not at lunch or anything but luckily I got to sit by Sister Hansen the whole time :) It was quite the life changing event and I prayed sooo hard the whole conference that the missionaries wouldn't start some sort of uproar and beat Elder Bennett. They didn't :) It was exactly what I've wanted for this mission from the beginning. Sister Hansen as well, so we were just thrilled!

I know that the Lord is who truly leads this mission now and I love the Lord. So I'll try my hardest to do what He asks. I am trying to help the other missionaries understand because I love them and I know they'll be SO much happier if they do change what has been happening.

I LOVE President Rogers. I will follow everything that he tells us to do. We have seen incredible blessings across the mission already! The Zone Leaders sent a text this morning saying that the number of investigators from this last week were triple the amount of the week before. I love all the new rules although it's going to be different for me too. THIS IS WHAT I ALWAYS THOUGHT A MISSION SHOULD BE! I have not felt comfortable the majority of my mission with the things that go on. I'm definitely not saying that I haven't added to the undignified-ness, but the Lord's work is going to progress sooo much if we change what we've been doing.

I felt the Spirit so strongly tell me that President Rogers was called of God to be our mission president right now when I first him at MLC and I can't deny that ever, so I will try to make the changes that I know this mission needs. I truly know that the windows of heaven will be opened and we will see miracles. We're already seeing those miracles here in Liverpool and the sisters that I'm with recognize that they're coming because the Lord is pleased with our effort to be more obedient! It's exciting and SO much fun for us!

I sure love you all!!!
-Sister Hallsted

Ps. There's an awesome picture on facebook from the mission conference of all of us! Our mission has never taken a picture like this before! Find it!

Pps. We dyed our hair one night- Sister Loveland convinced us to do it and then the next day I had her cut my hair. Haha After having 5 people randomly tell me I needed a haircut in the past two weeks, I decided they were probably right.

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