Monday, November 2, 2015

Oswego #15 "Tudo Bem!"

Sister Sellers helped me ride on this amazing skateboard that looks like a hover board. I was pro!
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The Halloween lunch was put together by the Samoan family that I love. They danced for us too and I loooved it!
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Sister Whitley was the tree of life for Halloween Hahaha
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We slept in the closet at the mission home for Return and Report because there weren't enough beds and I'm so sick of air mattresses :) It was so fun!!!
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Me and Sister Yancey who replaced me in Bennington. She's still there and will most likely finish out her mission there!!!!
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Stuffed Elder at Trunk or Treat
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Hello Family!

First off, I want to say Happy Birthday to mom!!! I adore you :) Also, I love all the Halloween pictures that were sent! It looks like you all had tons of fun! I looooved Halloween as a missionary this year. Tracting is much more fun when they have sweet porch decorations to talk with them about. New York goes all out for holidays which is why I just belong here :)

All is well with Sister Sellers and I here in Oswego! This week was a little bit rough. Lots of ups and downs. We don't usually have so many people cancelling appointments or dropping us, but I know those weeks come. But I woke up in a ridiculously good mood today and I can feel already that this week is going to bring miracles!!

Sister Sellers is just wonderful. We got along really well right from the start and my favorite thing is that we teach so well together! What a blessing that has been! We went to Return and Report for all the new missionaries and their trainers. It's kind of like an MTC reunion so we felt rather excluded but I've become so awkward in big groups anyways so I mostly just loved getting to talk to the Vermont and Glens Falls sisters about the areas! :) I am so Vermont hungry right now. Sister Sellers hates it :) We were really motivated by return and report and have been striving to apply the things that we learned there. But during the meeting, all of our awesome plans to go work in a super far away area cancelled and made it not worth the miles and Michael dropped us. I was super bummed and still am... We went over and talked with Michael and we convinced him to let us come back in a couple weeks so that was good.

I guess I have learned the painful lesson of being bold, but not over bearing. I am an "aggressive missionary" and I am so proud of it, but I was totally over bearing this week and impatient with people who haven't been keeping commitments. On Halloween night, we actually had a lesson with a less active named Ed (we're teaching his wife and daughter, Heather and Nicole, who aren't members), but I have always struggled going over there for many reasons but mostly because people love to attack me and try to argue because they know I'm not going to argue back and that I'm going to remain happy and bubbly. Ed especially loves to just yell at me and shoot down everything I say. It was terrible, but he always tears me down, then tries to build me up in the same sentence. I ended up walking out, with Sister Sellers following behind me, and I was almost crying. Then I just ranted on the drive home about people, how everyone loves to put down others, how I hate it and I don't understand and Sister Sellers was just bawling and I felt terrrrrrible. Thus ended our Halloween night, but she knew it wasn't directed towards her at all and she understood that. But Elder Van Slyke quoted me in his testimony yesterday from the DL phone calls that night where I raged about it- "Why can't we all just love each other?!?!" I will never understand...

But, sorry to tell about all the negative stuff first! We had lots and lots of member present lessons this week! Some amazing and some not so great :) We took a member and she started telling our investigator why she hates the Fulton ward and how we believe in the trinity. Haha Oh boy. Halloween morning was awesome! Our ward had a Halloween Trunk-or-Treat party. My first one ever and we had the coolest trunk ever. We stuffed one of the elder's clothes full of leaves and put a ghost balloon Sister Whitley was handing out as it's head. I'll send pictures. Lots of non-members and less actives came that we got to talk to and it seemed to help the Fulton ward feel like a family. The ward gets better and better each week! On Sunday, all us missionaries felt like we should bear our testimonies and then everyone's testimonies after that were amaaaazing. The Spirit was so strong and everyone was talking about it after. This is how a Sacrament meeting should be!!! After church, we met with Bishop and he told us that we're not allowed to go to Sister Whitley's anymore because her son is dealing drugs and the cops are always over there. We haven't told her yet, but they've voted me to tell her, and it's going to break her heart :( After church, I recorded a song that I wrote last transfer with a less active that I adore. But he was totally high and I was really sad. But the day got much better after. We picked up a new, adorable college student named Shauna that had met missionaries in Plattsburgh. And then we had a lesson with Ben (the 17 year old who referred himself on and I loooove him as always. We brought Tu who goes to school with him. He is part of the amazing Samoan family in our ward and we always take his sister, but we thought he should come and it was the best member present lesson I've ever had! He's coming again next time too! We ended the night seeing another adorable part-member family, the Knoops, and the mom told us her conversion story and we taught her 8 year old daughter about baptism. It was a super spiritual lesson and I was grateful that the Lord blessed us so much with a wonderful night after having such a weird week. I adore being a missionary. Especially around this time of year! I sure love you all and I pray for you daily!

Sister Hallsted

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