Monday, November 9, 2015

Oswego #16: "Swords, Squirrels, & Sellers!"

Showed Sister Sellers and Elder Van Slyke Fort Ontario and the beach before transfers!
It's closed, but I totally broke in! I knew it would be fine and it was :) A worker found us and I said we were from out west and he let us walk around, but we couldn't go in the tunnels this time :( It was still beautiful! I think the light house is farrrr in the background.

Oloh Family!

This week brought quite the surprise, but I shall get to that later. It was a much better week than last week was, except the fact that no one who said was coming to church came... I kind of raged. I've been studying patience and charity and other lovely things like that to help me resist the urge to just drop everyone and their dog that isn't wanting to get baptized this very instant. I think I'm getting this way because I just realized that I don't have tons of time left and I don't want to waste it at all!! If you have any advice for me, please, give it here because I'm just getting rude about it.
Anyways, we found six new investigators and on Sunday we blitzed the elders area and found them three new SOLID investigators in two hours. And bunches of potentials. Have I told you that I ADORE tracting? I tell Sister Sellers each time before we knock on a door. It is the most awesomely awkward thing. I'm trying to think of a way I can pull off tracting somehow at home because I need it in my life always. Well, we found the promised land of tracting, my friends. Hamilton Homes is what it's called and it's like apartments but not... it's like the "projects" of Oswego and I don't know why missionaries haven't attacked it before us. ... wow, was this just this week? We've gone back so many times since Tuesday when we found all these people to teach. Tuesday was wonderful! We had a terrrrrible day, but I knew that the Lord would bless us. We had dinner with the Dunn family- they have 5 boys and I love them all. We did this spiritual thought about the Anti-Nephi-Lehis burying their weapons and we had everyone write things they wanted to give up to better obey the Lord on little swords I made and we weren't literally going to bury them, but they had a dead squirrel right outside that they already wanted to bury! So... we all went outside and Brother Dunn dug a hole and we dropped our swords and the squirrel in. It was just the best thing ever. I was so sad because it was the only time I didn't have my camera! Best member lesson ever :) After that, we went to find new investigators!!! I was so pumped, I made up a song on the drive to Hamilton Homes. It's on the SD card that I'm sending home soon :) Sister Sellers and I make up a lot of songs together. I will miss that a ton.

So, we tracted and found the most beautiful Welsh family with the coolest accents ever who know so much about Mormons! Carrah (mom) was a photographer in England for the Osmond family and still talks with them. Her sons are Thomas (15) and Daniel (13). Daniel is autistic and I think we're basically in love. Sister Sellers is in love with their dog. We found another awesome girl named Breana and her friend who is in high school and is good friends with some of the boys in our church! Breana is 19 but got pregnant in high school and had to drop out. She has two adorable kids now and I don't think the dad is around anymore and we had a really spiritual lesson with her where I felt inspired to teach the Plan of Salvation instead of what we had planned. She's just started going back to her church with her parents though so that's hard for her to think of switching. But we shall see! I want to tell you all about tracting in B-ville and the other investigators but I have no time!

We went on exchanges this week too and I stayed here and Sister Collette joined me! So Sister Sellers got back and it made me more pumped than ever to go and find the elect! As we drove through B-ville on our way back from exchanging, I could just feel that it had people waiting to be found! It was amazing! So I begged the elders to let us all go there to find people and they found one and we found three! Blitzing Baldwinsville on Sunday was the most beautiful thing. I wish I had more time. But the coolest was meeting Melinda. She opened the door and I felt prompted not to say what I usually say when tracting but immediately told her about missionary work- that we are representatives of Jesus Christ, called by a prophet and such. She told me after that as I talked, it all came "flooding back" to her. She had met with missionaries when she was younger and she could feel what she felt then. #spirit! We taught her the Restoration in just a few minutes because she didn't have much time. But it was AMAZING.

Ah! I haven't told you! Sister Sellers is being transferred! Shocker!!!! I'm training again!!! It's weird.

Basically, we had an amazing week!!! We still had appointments falling through like crazy, but we found some of the "elect" and I feel rejuvenated this week to work harder than ever. I was surprised to hear that we're being transferred, but I knew right away that it was inspired. I have kind of been praying for this in a way. I've been praying for a trial or "mountains to climb" and I think it was too easy with Sister Sellers! I felt I either needed a new, struggling area or a new companion. Some sort of change! I'm grateful for this opportunity to train again! It doesn't matter who the sister is, each change helps me grow and rely more on Jesus Christ to help me and I'm grateful for each experience like that.

Thank you all for everything and all your prayers. Remember that Jesus loves you and so do I!

-Sister Brynn Hallsted

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