Monday, November 16, 2015

Oswego #17 "Training!"

Sister Saunders fresh from the MTC
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This Sister Saunders first full day in the field! Haha! We got caught in a wicked bad rainstorm and it was soooo cold and soooo fun!

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It was fun to all be together at transfers!! Elder Corbin, me and Elder Patterson.
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Saying goodbye to Elder Patterson!
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Here's a picture of me with all the comps I've had that were at the Transfers Meeting. That made me feel like I've had a TON! #theETlife Sister Saunders is on the end.
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Me and Sister Hansen saying goodbye! :(
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Look! The Purdy's have the same washer as us! #bringinbacksweetmemories Hahahah Yes, I'm hugging the washer. I was like "This washer reminds me of my mom!!!!"
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Made an icecream cake for Timo's birthday. Well, not really, but we did light a candle and sing to him :) Tim Horton's closed down and now we're getting tonnns of icecream stuff from the Salvation Army we do service at! It's fun to show up at our investigators homes who don't have a lot and give them lots of ice cream!
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Our investigator Madison (Jess and Bob's daughter) made this for us the other day. SO cute :) Mine says "Shine bright like a diamond" :)
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Had ZTM this week. Got to see Sister Sellers!
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More of Downton Abbey. Actually it's the Richardson-Bates House. There's lots of houses around here that have been turned into museums. There's not enough p-days in a mission to explore them all. #iLOVEny
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Picture from last night :) 
Best member lesson ever! We had it at the Samoan's home- the Tuimoloau family and she invited Sister Stephan and her boys. She surprised us with dinner! It was amazing!
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Once again, I am in that mood where I don't want to write a weekly email. I just want to chat back and forth with you instead! Haha!

But things are good and I love my new comp. Sister Saunders. She's from Eagle Mountain and I recognized her from somewhere immediately and it's because she worked with Emily Pew at Zupas. Haha She's teaching me how to be a mom! I've cooked more in these last few days than ever before! It's great!

I saw that you went to Sister Hansen's homecoming!!! You don't even know how much I love her. My heaRt like literally hurts I miss her so much! Micah Sanders has been helping me so much not to focus on mission drama and get down about it. He really is great and is now helping me with missionary work which I like much. He sent me a picture of you, Elder Kelly, Sister Hansen and him! All of my favorite people!!! Haha I loved it. I hope all is well with you! I've thought about you a lot this week which is either bad or a good thing. I hope that means nothing bad has happened! Let me know :)

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