Monday, November 23, 2015

OSWEGO #18 "Happy Thanksgiving!"

Made an icecream cake for Timo's birthday. Well, not really, but we did light a candle and sing to him :) Tim Horton's closed down and now we're getting tonnns of icecream stuff from the Salvation Army we do service at! It's fun to show up at our investigators homes who don't have a lot and give them lots of ice cream!
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Our investigator Madison (Jess and Bob's daughter) made this for us the other day. SO cute :) Mine says "Shine bright like a diamond" :)
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Had ZTM this week. Got to see Sister Sellers!
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More of Downton Abbey. Actually it's the Richardson-Bates House. There's lots of houses around here that have been turned into museums. There's not enough p-days in a mission to explore them all. #iLOVEny
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Picture from last night :) 
Best member lesson ever! We had it at the Samoan's home- the Tuimoloau family and she invited Sister Stephan and her boys. She surprised us with dinner! It was amazing!
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Good Morning Family!
I am so thankful for ALL OF YOU. I love having another new companion because I get to brag about you allll day long and try to describe your crazy-amazingness.

Before I run out of time, let me just say that this was quite the week. I'm way emotional lately- it's awkward for everyone. But I have become so full of gratitude for the gospel and Jesus Christ that I just have teared up in lesson nearly everyday this week. I can't even tell you all the miracles we have seen. The blessings haven't necessarily been overwhelming huge if you just glance at our day, but the Lord is dropping so many little blessings and positive changes on us to make me so happy and make me excited thinking He's preparing many stellar things for us to come soon. Miracle: 5 people were put on date to get baptized this week! AHHHHHH!!! All of January 16th (accidentally set on the same days haha) Jessica, Bob and their kids who are old enough: Morgan and Madison. I loooove those kids. I'll send pictures someday. We taught the Law of Chasity and it was SO spiritual. We read the Family Proclamation (my new favorite thing). She said they wanted to get married so they can obey God's commandments! We're SO excited! Now here's the hard thing... she didn't come to church yet again. So sad. I thought Sister Saunders was gonna explode. I wanted to be like "get used to this, buddy" but I kind of want her to expect everyone to come each week. They're getting evicted this week. Story of my mission :( SO so sad. Her kids are allowed to stay with her parents in their trailer, but her and Bob and gonna stay in a hotel til they run out of money, then live on the streets. The relief society has been great about helping us find boxes and pack. Ben was set on date as well. JUST MY FAVORITE PERSON IN OSWEGO! Then we taught the Word of Wisdom for the second time and found he has some major issues cuz teenaged boys are super dumb ya know. But he truly committed to give it all up! He talked to his friends and it sounded like they were understanding. He wasn't able to come to church either. But we had a sweet lesson last night about the temple and he was super excited to be baptized for his mom :) I loooove Ben. I want him to marry Hannah (of course).
For some reason the most exciting miracle for me is seeing the great and glorious change in the Fulton ward!!!!! This was my initial goal since coming back from Liverpool. I'm especially excited about how they've been reaching out to Ben. We had a lesson with him and dinner at the Tuimaloau's and Sister Stephan showed up with all her kids to eat too! We were teaching about prophets and who knew that Sister Stephan was a convert and that I pretty much don't have time to tell you the COOLEST thing that happened that just made my life in Oswego complete. Basically, a less active's boyfriend would never join in on our lessons when we invited him, but he came in the room and was like "God has been telling me that I need to come closer to Him right now and I believe that is through your church". THEN he randomly shows up at church this Sunday. He is like the scariest biker dude you ever did see, and he sat through sacrament and gospel principles, but asked me for my scriptures for third hour. He said he's not living his life the way God wanted him to and it was interesting how this realization was like physically hurting him throughout church. He said he needed to spend the last hour alone. After, he came to me and said he needs to make changes and that he'd like to talk about it when we come on Monday. AH! I LOVE teaching free spirits like Kevin because I feel like I can understand them better than most.
It was a wonderful week. We also had Zone Training Meeting and had Dalaina Tuimaloau come on a mini mission with us. She doesn't say much, but everyone ADORES her. So do I.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Remember Jesus loves you and SO DO I!


Sister Hallsted

Ps. Also it SNOWED last night! I had just started praying for it because it's been too long and I need Christmas to start now.
Pps. Thank Gwen for her letter this week! That's the only mail I've gotten since my birthday. For Christmas, I just want a legit letter from EVERYONE. Especially my mom :)

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