Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Oswego # 19 "We should always pray..."

Dear Family,

I have little phrases from different people here that they say all the time in the back of one of my Book of Mormons. This is Sister Saunders. I love it! Before we go into a lesson, I say "Should we pray?" and she says "We should always pray." then we pray together before we go. I love this new trademark of hers :) I hear it like a hundred times a day!

Well this week was pretty good. Honestly right now I'm super distracted so let's see if I can remember anything about this week! I guess this is week we saw a lot of miracles! Like, we picked up a new investigator who was a referral from Sister Whitley actually. Her name is Kim. We felt prompted to teach her the plan of salvation for some reason and then we invited her to be baptized and she said yes! It was AMAZING. Also this week we had a lesson with Kevin. Kayla wasn't there, but we brought the Tuimaloau twins. He loves them. I can't remember what we planned, but he basically quoted the last verse in 2 Nephi 31 so I changed everything and decided we should read that instead. We started with the last verse, then read the whole chapter through to find out what "the way" is. He was amazed at how it answered his questions. I extended the most interesting baptismal invitation I've ever given. I can't remember exactly how it was said, but basically I told him that God has been telling him through the Spirit that he needs to be baptized. We asked him if he would follow those promptings from God and be baptized. He thought about it forever and said "Yes, I would like that very much." It was amazing!!! We have seven people getting baptized in January as of right now.

Jess, Bob and the kids have been evicted. We helped them clean and pack. We think that service is the way that the Lord will work with Bob. He's opened up to us SO much. They haven't texted us back but they were trying to find somewhere to stay for a couple nights but then they'll move into a house still in Oswego, down by the water! I'm happy about that!

Anyways, I'm sorry this is a very short email again. Oh, and for Thanksgiving, we served food at the Salvation Army. We're like celebrities there now. I loooove it there with all those kind of people. They're so humble and happy. We also went to the Rowley's for dinner. It is so formal there so we were both so not used to Thanksgiving dinner being so fancy. But they're great.

Okay, I must go! But I love you all SO much. I pray for you daily, dearest family! Thank you for all you do for me. Remember, Jesus loves you and so do I!!!

Sister Brynnie Hallsted

Just took this district picture!

Another lesson in the Richardson-Bates House/ Downton Abbey!!!

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