Monday, December 7, 2015

Oswego #20 "Midnight Missionaries"

Watching the devotional.
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Baptism selfie! After it was over..
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car selfies :)
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exchange photos!
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Dearest family,

You will not even believe the morning we had... So, this morning we both wake up, say our prayers, make our beds, but we're abnormally tired. We start cleaning like we do every p-day morning. When I go to vacuum, it feels just wayyy to early to be vacuuming. I sometimes worry about our neighbors downstairs when we're exercising or cleaning so early in the morning. So then I look out the window and see that it's still super dark outside. Thinking that we cleaned impressively speedy this p-day, I look at the clock and it says 12:45 AM. What the heck.... So I thought maybe the power went out during the night and it reset itself, but I check the phone and sure enough, we both randomly woke ourselves up around midnight and thought it was 6:30 AM! HAHA! We decided to just eat and study right then because we were so awake and starving. But we fell asleep around 2 and woke up late. I am automatically set now to wake up at 6:30 so I am sooo tired. It was hilarious. We were laughing at ourselves for quite a long time!

Sister Saunders and I are having too much fun I think... We went on exchanges and when we got back together it just made us love each other even more. I'm so so grateful to once again have a companion that I can teach well with because it's hard when you don't! She also thinks I'm hilarious which of course I love :)

This week was quite eventful, although I can't for the life of me remember what happened...We found 8 new investigators this week! The couple we tracted into in West Brynnington (just our made up name for it... it's west of Brynnington apartments) are SO Mormon already. They met with elders once in Fulton but don't remember anything. They aren't big into religion, but they like to learn. We're baptism invitation happy right now so we're inviting them to be baptized next lesson. Kevin came to church again with Kayla and their kids. Ioooove them. He's making so much progress! On Fridays we sing for individual residents at St. Luke's Nursing Home. We have quite the fan club now and everyone was asking us if we could do a little show for Christmas. So the activities director had us bring the elders and move the piano to each floor. The elders wanted to sing with us, which only seems fair, but they were absolutely terrible at singing. The old ladies all thought they were cute though so it was okay.. just painful for Sister Saunders and I. We sang some songs alone, Sister Saunders played her violin and on each floor, for the very last song, we sang "Jesus Loves Me". This is a song that one of the residents (my favorite) Bud taught me. He passed away while I was in Liverpool, but now we sing that for everyone. They all know it and love it! We were singing that on one of the floors and I started to cry. The Spirit it sooo strong each time we sing for the residents there, but especially that time. It was so powerful to be standing there with these other missionaries, all of us being so young in life and knowing with out a doubt that Jesus loves us. Many nurses and volunteers filmed us on their phones. It was really cool.

On Saturday, D was baptized. I think I have never said anything at all about her although we've been visiting with her every other day since August. She's been baptized twice and removed her name. She called in August and said she wanted to be baptized again. This is the LAST time. I am sure of it. I was a little anxious all day long- wondering if we had taught her enough and if she was really committed this time. But when the baptism happened, I felt so so good. Maybe one of the most spiritual baptisms so far on my mission. She's made so much progress since the beginning. I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost which I just loved. A lot more people showed up than we thought would! It's silly how I still get kind of nervous to speak in front of people, but not nervous in lessons at all! But after that baptism, the Spirit has been so strong. I've loved it. When you have strong spiritual experiences, you really become addicted to it and you never want it to leave.

Church was absolutely amazing, which is huuuge for the Fulton ward! I was so happy. The Spirit was so strong in testimony meeting. Sister Saunders didn't see why I was so happy. She is still trying to adjust to the people of New York. I'm trying to be sympathetic because I know I'm so used to them by now. They are my comfort zone now and I don't want to go back to a normal ward. I looove these people.

We're getting transfer calls on Saturday and I really don't want to leave! I have been here since July, but I'm training so I don't know what will happen. We have nine people set to be baptized now and all in January! So I hope I can stay for them! Also, I LOVE the new Christmas pass along cards. We died of happiness when we got them. We're using them like crazy and trying all sorts of interesting approaches with them. One thing I love about Sister Saunders is that our roleplays are hilarious. I have hated roleplays my whole mission but I knew I'd have to come to love them before I go home. Now I do! They really do help. It's just hard to force myself to do them because I feel like an idiot. But Sister Saunders makes them fun. She's really really coming out of her shell and being a weirdy with me! I love training her. We just love each other :)

Well I must go, but remember, Jesus loves you and so do I!!!

Sure love ya,
Sister Hallsted

P.s. There's a bed bug out break in our mission again and everyone's freaking out. It's so awesome. I love it!
P.p.s. Thank you to the 8th ward for the pillow case! What a nice surprise!
P.p.p.s Everyone's asking if I'm freezing to death... It's actually like been in the 40s since the first time it snowed. I want snow!!!!

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