Monday, December 14, 2015

Oswego #21 #oswego4lyf

I think Elder Britton taught me that that is the gangster way to spell 'life'... good thing he's being transferred to the Syracuse zone with me so I can be around gangsters once more! I'm suuuuper excited about it :)
I really don't know how this email is going to go because once again, it was a no-sleep-Monday. Ugh! This morning I woke up around 2 am and realized... I've never had a migraine but now I have much more sympathy for Sister North!!!

I'm so happy to be staying in Oswego! I can't believe how long I will have stayed in this area but I'm grateful for it. Hopefully this transfer we'll see the fruits of our labors because yesterday, we felt a little discouraged. We decided to do a lot of dropping during our weekly planning, so that will happen this week. President Rogers, he being the most wonderful mission president to ever live, always calls dropping "putting them back in the Lord's hands". That's truly what it is. If God is still living and loving, no one will ever ever be "dropped". My love for President Rogers just grows each week. We had zone conference on the Book of Mormon on Wednesday. I CRIED multiple times!!! And then I got frustrated with myself after I tried to bear my testimony at then end of the meeting because I can't express myself like Elder Holland. He's the only one who can adequately say how I feel about that book. President Rogers challenged us to read the whole Book of Mormon by Easter marking with a red pencil all references to Jesus Christ. What a wonderful challenge to unify our mission!! I'm pretty stoked. I invite you all to join us!!! The Spirit overpowers me when I read just a few verses of the Book of Mormon so it's wonderful having the Spirit so strong as a companionship all the time.

Return and Report was pretty good. I'm starting to feel like a really old missionary. Like, I don't get excited about going to Utica anymore which used to feel like a trip to Disneyland at the beginning of my mission. But training really helps me to be excited about the little things. Seeing the other trainees just reaffirmed my testimony that President is inspired when he assigns companionships! I'm so grateful for Sister Saunders. She seriously is the most wonderful trainee I could have ever asked for. I learn something new everyday!

Well, this next week is supposed to be the best ever with the half-mission Christmas Conference and other Christmas-y things. We're going to be doing a lot of finding too. We're trying to find another Jim Willig :) The Lord's preparing people in Oswego and we can feel it!

Well, I love you all! I'm excited to talk with you on Christmas!

Sister Brynnie Hallsted

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