Monday, December 21, 2015

Oswego #22 "All I want for Christmas is U-tica!"

Andora got baptized! Isn't she beautiful?
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Sister Saunders makes me do weird stuff like put avocado mixed with egg in my hair... I trust her a lot.
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Snow storm hair :)
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I totally made a fake fireplace this week. Does this surprise you at all?
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Hid in St. Mary's for shelter from the snow. Reminded me of NYC and made me miss my mom a lot!
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For Chrsitmas Pres and Sister Rogers gave us all these recommend holders! I LOVE them. 
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Elder Ayre, me and Sister Hale after the mission conference. I love these two!!!
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Me Fulton besties. I miss them SO much.
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Me, Sister Saunders, and Elder Patterson.
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Love love love lighthouses now.
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Sister Saunders rocking the violin at the talent show.
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The elders dancing. This is a snipit of the elders doing the "All I want for Christmas is U... tica" :) 
Elder Ayre, Patterson and Corbin were in it! 
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Me and Sister Gass.
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Saratoga North district reunion! Missing the most important people though :(
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Me and Elder Britton!
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(only photos but no email from Brynn but this is her companions email!)
Happy Monday everybody! You know how most people hate Mondays? I've figured out a solution to that problem. Become a missionary. Seriously. Mondays are great! :)

This week was... interesting. It had some really great moments and some really hard ones. I'll start with the hard because life should end on a good note, so emails should as well. :)

There's an townhome complex in our area called Hamilton Homes. We love working there because the houses are right next to each other. Missionary heaven, right? Anyway, our Mission President encourages us to be out every night from 6 to 9, actively teaching and finding. On Sunday night of last week we didn't really have any appointments, so we just tracted Hamilton Homes. We ended up getting 6 set appointments for Tuesday afternoon, so we were super excited! Unfortunately, every single appointment fell through. Tuesday was probably one of the worst days of the transfer. We knocked on one lady's door, and she had been super excited on Sunday and wanted us to come back, but on Tuesday she opened the door and said "You know what, girls? I am NOT interested in what you have to say," and she slammed the door on us. We started to walk away, and then she opened the door and came out on her porch and started yelling at us! We chose to just walk away and get in our car. We were pretty discouraged. But it's all good because then we went home and we had Christmas packages! They were amazing! (Thanks mom :) Tuesday did end up ending well, though, so that's good.

We had a Mission Conference on Thursday, which will explain the subject of this email. Of course we had President and Sister Rogers speak. I just love them both so much! I honestly wouldn't be surprised if President Rogers became an Apostle some day. Elder Bennett, of the Seventy, came to our mission in October and straightened things out and told everyone at the end that President Rogers was the best Mission President in the world. Sister Hallsted and I sent him a Christmas card. :) So anyway, after they spoke we had lunch and then a talent show. A bunch of Elders got up and sang "All I want for Christmas" but they changed the words, which is why "is Utica" is added up top. It was hilarious! Some of the Elders in my mission are absolutely wonderful. We had some other talents, and I played my violin. I'm kind of famous in the West side of the Mission because everyone has seen the video with Lexi Walker and my orchestra. They've seen my name in the credits, so they assume I'm famous. Sister Hallsted has the most AMAZING voice, so she's pretty famous throughout the mission as well. She recorded some songs before her mission and everyone has the copy of her singing "How Great Thou Art". I'm pretty lucky to be her companion. :) So anyway, our Zone Leaders actually asked us both for our autographs. I can honestly say I didn't think that would ever happen on my mission.

Our Christmas plans are great! I emailed out a picture of a corner in our apartment with our Christmas Tree and a fake fireplace. We made that fireplace so we could hang our stockings. :)

Also to explain why I'm vacuuming a closet in one of the pictures- we have bedbugs in some apartments in our mission, so they sent out a text telling us to do some cleaning to prevent them. I REALLY don't want bedbugs, so I vacuumed every closet out, put everything on the floor in plastic bags, and swept out the corners. I also swept the couch because our vacuum nozzle doesn't work. So our apartment is super clean. Sister Hallsted said it feels naked. I like it. :)

All in all, this week was adventurous! We definitely had hard times, but great ones as well. I just love all of you and hope you have an amazing Christmas! Remember Christ is the reason!

Merry Christmas!

Sister Saunders

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