Monday, January 4, 2016

Oswego #24 Short Letter But We've Got Photos!!

The internet is back up!

Well we were so so blessed this week with another great miracle! All the discouragement is so worth it when you have something so wonderful happen like we did! The Lord is so so good to us and our hearts are just filled with gratitude! 

We were walking all day last Saturday. Right after some hail and cold rain had hit us and we were feeling pretty miserable, but as we walked to another appointment, we saw this cute little house and felt that we should try it. A lady named Jackie answered! She talked to us for a bit and asked if we could come back. When we went back this week, we had an AMAZING lesson! We've really been working on How To Begin Teaching in our roleplays and it sure paid off with Jackie! She committed to be baptized on January 30th and we'll be seeing her every other day! Such a miracle!

We've been pretty sick this week. Sometimes we've wanted to stay in because we've felt so awful, but every time we've worked with all our strength, we've seen some amazing blessings. We're really feeling super grateful.
Sister Hallsted

Sister Saunders giving Sister Hallsted a dirty look when she suggested they make snow angels. :)

New Years Pics!

My first selfie of 2016!

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