Monday, January 11, 2016

Oswego #25 “Oooooooh The Lord's Been Good To Me!”


I'm sorry I've been bad at emailing. I kind of just copy and paste my letter to President Rogers and then alter it so it's like I'm sending it to you guys, but I didn't have time to alter it. When that happens, maybe you could just change it for me? :) You are the best ever!!!

Guys, I wish I had time to tell you all the amazing miracles that are happening lately!!!!! One of them being that we had two investigators at church! That has been the struggle of this area.. ugh. Jackie came and she loooooved it. She said "I don't want it to end!" We should ALL be like that each Sunday! #isitstillwonderfultoyou? Kevin came with Kayla and Andora and Logan as well. That was awesome. Me and those kids... we just love each other too much. Andora asked me last night if I would take her home with me. Haha I almost kidnapped her, yes. I have been terribly baby hungry lately.

Anyways! This week was amazing for us!!! On Tuesday we taught ELEVEN lessons, which is just amazing for us. Our ward mission leader has set up weekly spits for us and the elders and it has been absolutely amazing to see the ward get so excited about missionary work. We were doing them once a month, but the ward members asked to do them once a week! It's exciting for me to see the difference from when I first got to the area and they didn't trust or respect missionaries at all.

We found a lot of families this week to teach! AH! My favorite ever (do I have time to tell this story?? ugh) is the Graham Family. So, we tract into them, their cute mom, Christina, let's us in because she's "open to all religions" and this little boy's like "Are you gonna take us to church?" we said Oh yeah! and he was SO excited. He ran upstairs yelling to his siblings, little did we know there were EIGHT kids in that family! Six of them being over 8 years old. They all were soooo excited to come to church. They all gathered around and we taught them the Restoration. We were amazed how much they knew about Jesus! They all said they wanted to come to church and be baptized!!! Now we just have to get their mom on board :) The bummer was that they were busy until this Friday.. :( We like short, frequent lessons. But we've seen the kids running around reeking havoc in Hamilton Homes. If they don't have a car, it's gonna be a nightmare getting rides for church. Pray they own a car!
Another family is the Wardell Family. They came to Andora's baptism and they asked if we could come to their home and teach them about Jesus too! Unfortunately when we went over on Friday, the dad, Chris, was pretty intoxicated... but we still taught their family and they committed to be baptized in March. They're really poor and their home wasn't the cleanest. The kids were a little crazy, but not crazier than most kids, and with the dad being drunk and all the dogs and cats running around, it was a little difficult, but nothing for me compared to Bennington. We taught a lot of people like this, but Sister Saunders hasn't and had a hard time with it :( But we set them on date to be baptized and we've seen how much people can change when they embrace  the gospel. We're going back tonight and praying he's not drunk again :(

So that's how our week went. It has been getting so so much better. Everyday, I feel! We've truly become "Preach my Gospel missionaries" and it is SO exciting to see the blessings from it! Thank you so much Dad and Ammon and Breton for your advice and help. Thanks to everyone for your prayers! I suuuure love ya!


Sister Brynnie Hallsted

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