Monday, February 8, 2016

Cooperstown #1 - The Town of Fancy Doors, Doorknobs & Doorbells

Cooperstown #1 - The Town of Fancy Doors, Doorknobs & Doorbells

Hello Family!

Things are just going SO great here in Cooperstown! The Oneonta Branch just has been so wonderful welcoming me and they seem really excited to work with us. We got a new branch mission leader, Brother Bruneau, on Sunday and he is AWESOME. He's so ready to see some miracles and build the Lord's Church here in the Oneonta branch. It seems like the work in this area has been at a stand still. Sister Trapane is an extremely chill person, but she has a great desire to work hard and finally see something happen in Cooperstown. The work can use a lot of improvement, which I am excited about! There are way too many eternigators here and we both feel we just need to build a new teaching pool. We've found some people already! But it seems everyone in Cooperstown is a former! Haha Not a bad thing; just different. With every eternigator currently being taught, we've brought up baptism with the first lesson I had with them. If they don't know why we are here, then what's the point? Some of these investigators seemed to think we were just here to help them have better lives. It reminds me of a quote in Preach My Gospel, I think in the Our Purpose section under Baptism. I think it's by Elder Oaks (I don't have my PMG with me). That quote hit me hard at one point in Oswego. The work seems to be the same as it was there when I first arrived. But I know things are going to change like they did in Oswego! I KNOW that there are wonderful people that the Lord has prepared here. I know miracles are going to happen. We can both feel it!! It's going to be exciting.
Thank you for your prayers!!! I sure love you all!


Sister Hallsted

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