Monday, February 22, 2016

Cooperstown #3 "#MIRACLES"

signed up for clergy at Basset hospital. What does that even mean? Idk but it's in the finding section of PMG and we got fancy name badges! Yay!

Proof of the freaking cold :)

Baby lamb from the Josephs that I so so love.
Oh! also had a branch chili cook off and talent show. Of course we sang! Elder Harvey is the best man singer I've heard in real life. This was a little band by some branch members that was super good! I'll try to send the video of the four of us singing!

Bought a plant at the Cooperstown farmer's market this Saturday. Saturday was a really good day. and I needed a plant :) Lavender! No, I won't really eat it!

I wish I wasn't driving so I could have been so mom-like!!!! Making sandwiches as we drove to Hamilton for our blitz! Oh yeah, we blitzed the STLs this week. Pretty fun!
Me and Sister Howard are buds and were together for the blitz. She goes home with me! Idk why we're with an owl but it was kinda cute.

Dear Family,
Thank you for the WONDERFUL email!!!!! ! I am so glad that you enjoyed my letter! Just hearing all these sort of updates and plans for coming home makes me feel much better!! I may just write you another letter today but I have many people to write from Oswego this week haha.

HALEY GOT HER CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I FLIPPED! We went to branch council Sunday morning, they kicked us out for a bit to talk about non-missionary stuff and so we went to check Facebook. I didn't think she'd get her call until next week since it was so  late in the week! That was the first thing on Facebook! AHHHHHH! I ran around the branch and told everyone :) When I watched the video on a computer with sound I was crying and crying! HAHA! She was so stinking cute and, ya know, it was soooo weird for me to hear her say "Brynn is coming home May 3rd". It was weird for me to hear her say my name! I truly forget you guys are still alive!!! Haha! Brother Kite showed it to me at the end of church as well. Sister Hansen sent it to his wife. Basically the best Sunday EVER. I'm am SO excited about Haley getting her mission call to Panama! I've met many people from Panama on my mission and they make the best food EVER! She's gonna get fat! Hurray!

This was quite the rollercoaster week for me! I am just SO emotional. I'm hoping this curse will be lifted after my missionary service is done but I doubt it! :)

Regardless of the rollercoaster week, we have seen the Lord work SO many miracles! Absolutely amazzzzing. Our branch mission leader continues to be so excited about missionary work and it is spreading through out the branch. We've set a branch goal of 12 baptisms for the year. Brother Bruneau and I believe we can reach more than that for sure!!!

The miracles we have seen.... oh my gosh. NINE new investigators this week and we're teaching THREE families. The branch is FLIPPING OUT about it! Hahaha! This branch is absolutely amazing. The branch has organized several missionary focused activities for March! The families all seem to know each other but thus is Cooperstown! The miracles that are going to take place here soon are going to be incredible.

I think this week with my companion was better than last! I'm having much much more patience! I've been studying it and it doesn't seem to be a problem anymore. The Lord always helps me quickly with little things like that if I really am sincere.

Thanks for your support! I sure love you ALL!!!!

Sister Hallsted

From Companion Sister Trapane’s Email for the week - I love to hear how Brynn is making a difference in her new area!! ~Julie
It was the most miraculous week of my entire mission, so far.

We had so many miracles, we picked up at least one new investigator everyday this week, except one! It was so amazing, and we generally found them all between 8 and 9 o'clock! I someone had told me this at the beginning of my mission, I would have thought they were crazy! The Lord really does bless us when we pray, and strive to find the answer.

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