Monday, February 15, 2016

Cooperstown #2 "New York Antarctica Mission"


Valentine Cards and Packages!
me in the shirt! I love it!

suuuper bored during snow day so I did cool hairstyles for her.

cooperstown: baseball cards littering the ground haha

For Sister Hale. Crocks to theend!!!!! Hahahaha
Me with a little animal... idk
otsego ?? lake!

doorknob or door bell? You pull these knobs next to the doors and nothing happens! Maybe just for decoration but everyone has them
me outside of the apt. We live under a little shoe store!

cutest apartment ever (when it's clean)!!!

Hello Family!

I am alive! I am sooo sure I have frostbite in my toes but it's worth it, right?! So, on Tuesdays we make cookies and cupcakes with Grandma Carter ("service" I guess) but she always tells us the weather and this time she's like "It's gonna be -18 on Sunday." We all laugh and think to ourselves "crazy old people". We even told Brother Bruneau what she said and we all chuckled together! Haha! Now we all know to believe Grandma! It hit -21 as we drove to church!!!! Don't worry, they said we could only go out if we had set appointments and all we do is tract so we couldn't go out! Also, Sister Trapane has had 3 nosebleeds so we had to stay in regardless... This week was a little more difficult, but we did see a lot of miracles with the work! We found many new investigators and the branch is sooo excited about it! Our branch mission leader continues to be incredible (we're actually emailing at his home today) and the branch council we had yesterday was really great! We're going to be starting weekly splits like we started in the Fulton ward and having a branch fast to find prepared families and potential priesthood holders ending the fast with a sacrament meeting about showing our Savior our love by spreading His gospel to our fellowmen. Super exciting! The branch is so ready to work with us!

Oh, also, this ZTM was my absolute favorite of my entire mission! It went perfectly along with my studies and thoughts that I've had for a while now. Especially the last portion on Jacob 7:5 and the faith pyramid! Although things aren't easy right now, I am so grateful for it. I truly have come to love how I grow through trials and I love love love Cooperstown and the branch.

I felt so so so much love from my V-day packages. Seriously, THANK YOU!!! I just felt so happy and loved. Sister Saunders got a bunch of people from Oswego to write me valentines and I just BAWLED because I felt so much love! Especially loved the letters from the kids. Also, Hyrum's letters are up on the wall above my bed and there's glitter all over the floor from the other notes. I love it! Truly, I was having such a rough day and it all helped soooo much. Couldn't have picked a better week.


Sister Hallsted

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