Monday, February 1, 2016

Oswego #28 "Blood & Baptisms"

Jackie’s Baptism!

We wrote out Mormon.Org in the snow. Creative proselyting, right?

We got  footie pajamas for Christmas as part of a district gift exchange

Us with the Feito Family, and with some old folks. :)

Hello Family!
This was an awesome last full week of Oswego! As you saw on Facebook, Jackie got baptized this Saturday with the elder's investigator Debbie! It was after the blood drive that we had to kind of run. We had quite the scare because Debbie donated blood, then drove home to change for the baptism. She was like 20 mins late to the baptism and no one could get a hold of her! But it was all okay. She was alive. She was just making food! She's so cute.

Our mission president set a goal of reaching 280 baptisms this year. My mission hasn't even really been able to make it to 200 baptisms for the previous couple of years, so that number is a really big deal! He's promised us that if we obey exactly and follow the Spirit that we'll be able to see miracles, and so far we are! At the end of January, we've seen 33 baptisms as a mission! That's incredible!

On Thursday we had to take our car in to the shop. A pair of previous missionaries got a crack in our back bumper. The body shop that we took it to is in Scriba, which is about 4-5 miles from our apartment. We were supposed to take it in at 8:30 that morning. We decided that we would rather have personal study than exercise, so when we woke up at 6:30 we went straight to personal study. We looked out the window an hour later and it was a total blizzard! We were pretty nervous because we knew that we were going to be walking home from Ken's, the Body Shop we went to. We prayed and prayed and prayed and set out to leave. As we drove our car there, the snow stopped! Definitely a miracle.

So we dropped off our car and the lady behind the counter asked us if we had anyone picking us up. We looked at each other and I said "No, we're just walking." The lady and a guy right next to her both looked at us with shock on their faces. I wish I had a picture! The lady then asked us how far we were walking, and because we didn't want to tell her we were walking all the way to Oswego in the snow, I said "Oh... just down the road..." and then we walked out of there. The road was a highway and didn't have a sidewalk and every time a car came we got dirty snow splashed on us, but it's all good. We were both SUPER sore. We couldn't even walk up stairs. It was totally ridiculous.

Anyways, transfers! They freaking call on Sunday nights now (Elder Oaks suggested they call on Tuesday nights... it's just a nightmare) but they finally called and I'm going to Cooperstown! ... I know nothing about Cooperstown except that Sister North is going to be super jealous because of the baseball hall of whatever that I don't care about. But I hear they have a cool art museum so that's cool! And making Sister North jealous is always fun too! Sister Saunders has been crying and crying. I think seeing her cry has been up there on one of the saddest things I've ever seen :( But I'm praying she's all cried out because I hate crying from me or anyone. Plus, she's getting two new sisters who are coming from Manchester VT and Hudson Falls! I'm pretty stoked about that. Tripanionships are the best! They needed two sisters to replace me ;) And, can you believe it?! My first for real transfer!!!! No ET for me this time! It kind of sucks actually saying goodbye to people. I was pretty pleased by the ward's reactions yesterday at church! Turns out they do love me! I didn't cry until I hugged Sister Reidy.

My time is up!

Love ya,
Sister Hallsted

P.S. We have absolutely NO snow. It's in the 50s right now. I'm wearing short sleeves. Best winter EVER.

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