Monday, March 7, 2016

Cooperstown #5 “Already March…”

Hi My Dear Family,

This was a rather slow week, but at the same time, it went by too fast! Many of our appointments rescheduled and people have not let us back. These things happen. But next week will be great! Tracting wasn't too much of a success this week. We found 4 new investigators. We haven't found the super solid people that I can feel are waiting for us. I'm doing better at being a good companion. Really! I am proud of myself. I'm just doing my absolute best and trusting that the Lord will help her understand I am really a decently kind person.

We had one funny thing happen this week! Someone called the police on us because we knocked on their door at 8:30 PM. I thought that was awesome! The officer was really nice! It really freaked Sister Trapane out! Of course everything's fine. We're gonna go egg that lady's house later tonight. (That was a joke!!!) The next day, we knocked on people's door at 3:30 PM. We had done one side of the street and were walking back to our car when a man comes out of his house, yelling at us! He was so mad that we had knocked on his door when of course he works night shifts and of course we should have known he was sleeping! HAHA! It was kind of scary! It's hilariously frustrating how people truly don't realize that we are humans and have moms and siblings and were born just like they were. So funny!

Oh, and President came to our district meeting but some elders got in a car crash right before it started so he was on the phone the whole time. I was really bummed I didn't get to talk much to him or Sister Rogers- just the love of my life. I am going to get a picture of her to draw when I see her at Zone Conference this Tuesday. She's gorgeous and looks a lot like mom to me!

Oh, and another great week at the Josephs! We had a bunch of intense lessons with our "eternigators" this week. Renata is going to pray about which date to set for baptism as a goal to work towards. She is AMAZING. And George and I are so close. He getting really old though and you can tell his memory is not so great. I got to hold a white and black lamb. I LOVE them. I'll try to send pictures.

Oh! Sorry this is so long! There's a part member family we're working with The Dunn family. Brother Dunn is less active and his beautiful wife Sandy is investigating, but just for interest at this time. But I immediately had a connection with them. They're a little older and Brother Dunn is the most like Dad that I've ever met! I can feel how much Brother Dunn loves and admires me and it feels a lot like dad. He listens carefully to everything I say and really takes it to heart. It's so great and will really help him to come back to church! Just wanted to say that :)

It sounds like you had such a neat testimony meeting yesterday in the home ward. I felt the Spirit as I read about it. We had an incredibly powerful testimony meeting as well. Can I just say how much I love church? I cannot and will not go without church ever. I need Sacrament meeting. I needed it a lot this week. It was a perfect way to end my humbling week. As you know, we had our fast this week as missionaries/ branch missionaries. Man, I love fasting. I loved fasting twice in one week. I crave the peace the Holy Ghost brings to me! I feel it strongest and steadily when I fast. As we were fasting for the Lord's guidance in our missionary efforts and for the branch members as well, we have received direction and the branch members have seen miracles.

The meeting started off with Brother Zukas (amazing family with 6 little crazy kids) sharing his missionary experience this week. He cried and I cried (always) and the rest of the testimonies shared were so powerful. As part of our fast, Brother Bruneau encouraged us to bear our testimonies and share our experiences if we were moved by the Spirit to do so. I read the hymn "Bless Our Fast, We Pray" before testimonies started. Read it! After reading that, I had to get up and, like the song says, attest to the miracles and mercies the Lord has given. I just so wish I could be like Elder Holland and speak the feelings in my heart! But I'm just too awkward. But I have full faith that the Spirit will say perfectly what I can't. I was a little disappointed that none of the other missionaries got up though. The branch is going to be sick of me soon! I really love church. It's not entertaining for some, but it's not supposed to be. I love every minute of it because of how it feels to be there, coming closer to our Savior through the sacrament. I love the faithful members of the Oneonta branch. They blow me away!

Sorry! Longest letter of my life!

Suuuuuure love ya!
-Sister Brynnie Hallsted

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