Monday, March 14, 2016

Cooperstown #6 "#discontinue"

Hello My Family!!!

This week was very slow, but also very good. My love for the Holy Ghost has been stronger than ever as we've both felt it's promptings strongly this week. One of which was to stop visiting two of our "eternigators". We were spending all our service time at the Joseph's farm and seeing no progress from them. The sisters have been teaching them for over a year, maybe even two. After many intense lessons with them, helping them to understand the importance of baptism.

We discontinued seeing another lady who has never come to church, but has been being taught twice a week for two years. We had a good lesson and she expressed to us that she doesn't believe anything the missionaries have taught her, but likes our visits and the members that come with us. When we called to tell her we won't be coming anymore, she sounded relieved! She never wanted to join the church and has felt guilt that she's been leading the missionaries on for this long. The members will still visit her sometimes and maybe in time, and we think she'll decide on her own to join after not having us around.

After discontinuing our service activity at the farm, we saw miracles. Sister Trapane was worried we'd have no service to do, especially with our now 10 hours we can fill, but I assured her one night that the Lord will fill our time and that an opportunity will probably present itself at exactly 2:30 on Tuesday (when we were working on the Joseph's farm). Sure enough, that next morning, we stepped into an elevator with the local nursing home's activities director. She asked if we could still do service hours! We talked with her and she wanted us at 2:30 on Tuesdays! Not an accident at all! We also found another service opportunity at the Food Pantry at the Presbyterian Church. They are thrilled to have us! We're so excited for this next week, especially for the service activites the Lord has practically handed to us!
Miracles will come!!!

I sure love you all!


Sister Brynnie Hallsted

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