Monday, March 21, 2016

Cooperstown #7 "March 21st... out of cool ideas"

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Hello Family!

A lot happened this week! Sorry I suck at emailing. I hate emailing more and more each week. I'm so done with it! Haha!

Okay, so both us and the elders had quite the struggle week. There were a few days when we had zero lessons. I nearly died. But this is normal for Sister Trapane. Not for me! But we did have wonderful experiences!

Some of them:
We started our new service opportunities! Tuesday, we played Bingo with old people. One lady is just there because she has MS, but she was also a member referral. Her name is Claire. She's open to us coming to her room to teach her while we paint together :) Yay!

On St. Patrick's Day, we helped organize and unload food for the Presbyterian church's food pantry. That was way awesome. Everyone loved us, even though we weren't much help with the heavy stuff and we were wearing our green dresses so we looked weird. People don't realize that is how we dress all the time so it's not fancy for us anymore!
We found some wonderful new people to teach and haven't been able to get back with basically any of the wonderful ones we found before. Breaks my heart every time. I have this curse of falling in love with people just when they open the door and talk with us for a few minutes as we tract. Ugh! The Lord is working on them all.

One new investigator was so much like Jackson. His name is Nicholas. I love him. We had a wonderful lesson with a member there and he told us he was just yelling at God the other night asking what his purpose on earth was. We were so excited!! We talked about baptism and he wouldn't set a date, but he said as he learned more he probably would be baptized. But last night he called and told us he loves us but has his yoga and isn't interested right now. Nooooo :(

Another lady Barbara was a former investigator. the address wasn't clear, but I felt we should try this random other house and it turned out to be her! We taught her and her daughter, but they didn't have much time. We're going back on Tuesday at the exact time we usually saw Betty (who we had to drop).

Brother Bruneau (branch mission leader) is really upset we stopped teaching them and is forcing us to go back. But the whole branch council agrees that it was good. I know it is what the Lord wants us to do, so tomorrow I'm going to have to talk with Brother Bruneau... I love him but he's not the missionaries. We are.

We also had a branch pizza ping pong party on Friday night. It was during prime proselyting time so I did not want to go at all. But a less active who hasn't been to the church in over a year said he'd take us and was taking his grand daughter so we went! It was fun. I lost, of course. Oh, it was Brother Dunn who took us. Maybe I told you about him. He's just like dad! Even has a motorcycle and is a teacher too! I love the Dunns.

The greatest part of the week was the MTC Workshop for the youth yesterday! Wahoooo!!! It was so fun! I really love this branch! The youth got their mission calls, a name tag, a companion, etc. The Branch President was even their Mission President for the day! Sister T and I were in charge of one of the workshops, we taught them about how they can use social media to share the gospel. They have already planned a to have a competition to see who can get the most likes on their gospel centered post! Afterwards, they got to go "tracting" (some of the branch members and us were in the classrooms, and the youth knocked on the doors and we answered and gave them a real experience) It was a lot of fun! I got lots of pictures so when I'm a young women's leader I can have it already planned out. Haha

I sure love you all!!!!!
Sister Hallsted
PS. I'm having another awesome library experience right now with this awesome black guy telling me about his book he's writing. I'm like "You know what's a really really good book? The Book of Mormon." Bahaha and then I slip it out of my bag like a ninja. Second book given away in the library in the past week! woot woot

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