Monday, April 18, 2016

Cooperstown #11 "The God Girls"

Hello my dear Family!

This week was a good one! We've seen many miracles! We fasted yesterday and have been praying lots that sisters will be able to come to our mission and fill Cooperstown, but we also have complete faith that the Lord wouldn't be giving us these miracles if He didn't think the elders could continue to help these people progress if the sisters' area does have to close. Sister Trapane and I both think it would be best if the area was white-washed with two new sisters if there are sisters available though. But we know it's all in the Lord's hands!
President told the elders that Cooperstown may be closing when President and Sister Rogers came to inspect our apartments (we seemed to all fail that inspection haha). But the elders are being poopstains about the possibility of them taking over our area. A transfer is never complete without being annoyed with the elders for a little bit. Haha

On Monday night, we had a cool experience. Our appointment fell through so we were finding a new place to tract outside of Cooperstown. I had forgotten my GPS and I was a little bit lost for a while there. But we somehow ended up in a trailer park we had tracted a couple weeks ago. We went to three houses right in a row and picked up one potential family and four new investigators! All of this happened between 8 and 9 pm. It was really amazing!

Brother Bruneau, our branch mission leader, is great! We're trying to put together a branch fast starting in May to get the members more involved in the missionary work in this area. We have really great auxiliary leaders in branch council who really want to help, but the other members of the ward aren't as involved, so we're working on that.

We were able to see one of our investigators Barbara this week! Maybe I told you about her adn her cute daughters Emma and Eleanor. When we knocked on the door, Emma said to her mom "The God girls are here!" Haha I liked that. I wish everyone would recognize us that way!

The Weeks family is doing well! They're opening up to us more and more! We're going to be helping on their farm this week and the elders will be joining us so they can meet them too. They're not available to come church right now because of farmer's markets they're doing on Sundays, but the teenage daughters could come. The Young Women's President and her daughter are coming with us this week to meet them. It will be great! The members are really excited about the Weeks family!

This week went so well with Sister Trapane! We've really become good friends! I'm grateful we stayed together this transfer so we could work things out. We're great friends now and we've both learned so much! We really do love each other. She thinks I'm hilarious so that always helps :)

Thank you for all your support, prayers, advice and encouragement! I'm doing better at not freaking out about coming home! I was making myself sick cuz I wasn't sleeping at all because I was stressing so much about everything. Haha But I am doing much better! The Lord will work all of it out. Although it still doesn't feel totally real, I'm getting more excited to see you all in two-ish weeks! I sure love ya!

Sister Hallsted

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