Monday, April 25, 2016

Cooperstown #12 "Last Email"

Dear Family,

I don't know if I'm sad about that or happy. But I am SO sick of emailing! Haha

Sorry, my last email and I didn't even take time to write a good one! I'm cutting my time short because the librarian hates me. haha

Am I freaking out because I get to see Sister North tonight? Well, yeah :) Tuesday I go to the temple and Jackie and Jim will both be there! SO EXCITED TO SEE THEM! Jackie is being baptized for Jim's grandma and Jim is going to be baptizing. How amazing is that? My heart is so happy.

This week was... a rollercoaster. But I loved it. We met some wonderful new people. We went to the Quaker's silent prayer group. I looooved it! I told them I'm finding a group in Utah to go to. We also meet with a lot of Episcopal church members. Carrie and Burr are feeding us this week! YAY! They invited Connie as well. I know.. I probably never even told you about them. Sorry.

We also helped the Josephs on their farm... they're struggling. The elders came to help. We were happy they came because they got to shovel all this sheep poop and we just took pictures :) George wasn't wearing a shirt so that was awesome but gross :) I love him so freaking much. He prayed before we left and said "We pray Sister Hallsted will gain a few pounds. Have her eat some dark chocolate or something. She needs to gain weight, especially if she wants a husband." We all just lost it :) Hahahaha

We had quite the adventure in this new place we found called Schyler Lake. But we spent way too long talking with this Russian man about the house next door and how it was taken over by 7 demons and tried to kill him and his wife. There were a lot of interesting people in Schyler Lake. I want time to go back. I loved it.
Larry is doing well. He was supposed to be getting baptized May 1st but that's not gonna happen cuz he hasn't been well enough to come to church. But he got a priesthood blessing and is listening to the Book of Mormon on CD. I adore Larry soooo much. Micah drew him a picture of Batman and Larry was the happiest man on the earth :) We taught Larry the Law of Chastity Saturday night and I had him read the first bullet point in the pamphlet about the blessings of keeping the law of chastity. It says something like "Invite the Holy Ghost into your life" and Larry adds "Except you don't want him watching on your wedding night!" It was so unexpected and hi'larry'ous :)

Sunday was incredible. I looove this branch although I don't feel like I know them very well. The talks were incredible and afterwards we went with the Young Women's president, her daughter and Mary Noorlander (branch president's daughter) to the Weeks so they could meet Brianna and Abby! The Weeks are doing wonderful! They've opened up to us so much. I really don't want to leave right now because things have just picked up! We've had no news about transfers yet, but tonight I'll be having my departing interview with President and I'll ask him then. I'm excited to bask in the Rogers' presence for a couple days :) :) :)

I finished Sister Rogers' picture! It looks so good! But I haven't matted it yet, so I'll give it to her when I leave. I'm busy working on little projects for everyone I love here like always. Haha

I think maybe after the temple trip, it will feel real that I am leaving soon. Things have gotten much better with Sister T! We'll be good friends after our missions. The Lord makes me so much more than I could ever be on my own! Please pray for me lots! I love you all and I am so excited to see you!!! 

Suuuure Love Ya!

Sister Brynnie Hallsted

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